Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas photo out-takes

Ron and I always do an Official Christmas Photo. I don't know how/why this got started. I think it was a way of sharing, "OMG look! We made our cat wear antlers!" with the world.  Now its purpose is to demonstrate, "OMG look! We made TWO cats wear stuff on their heads!"  If you've never tried to make a cat wear something on her head, then you probably don't appreciate what I'm talking about.

Christmas 2010
We were supposed to do this year's photo last weekend, but it didn't happen.  We're trying to squeeze it in this weekend, but we'll see.

I've been taking other friends' Christmas photos instead.  Here, a few out-takes (I'm guessing that the ones they officially select for Christmas cards won't be the ones I'm posting here.)

First up, Katharine and her twin girls, Zoe and Evelyn.  Unfortunately, I didn't handle the indoor lighting situation very well--not sure if there's anything to be salvaged from those.  I'll leave that up to Katharine.

Can you believe that blurred?  ugh, I want to kill myself. I love soft light on little kids' faces, but this went too far.

They can see their reflections in the kick plate.

Next up were my neighbors, Mandy and Sean, with their tiny peanut of a baby boy, Declan.

You can see that glint of "I am Mother Bear--hear me roar!" in Mandy's brown eyes.

I do have family shots of them, but these two were my personal favorites.  Declan was so good--he never even hinted at crying.

And finally, there's Julie and Vigg:

We took these at Everhart Park--love the contrast of that blue coat against the background.  Is Bruce one of the cutest non-human babies you've ever seen?

Every night, I swear up and down that this will be the night I go to bed before 1am.  I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow.

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