Friday, November 25, 2011

Scenes from the holiday

After a week of rain (Wednesday being especially nasty), we had a beautiful day for Thanksgiving.

Ron and I try to go for a stroll through West Chester on Thanksgiving morning.  Usually, town is completely, eerily dead.  Since we're always out with our friends for NBT (Night Before Thanksgiving), it's bizarrely odd to see the sidewalks go from totally packed with people on Wednesday night to completely deserted and empty Thursday morning.

Everhart Park
You may recognize this from here ... the seasons change too quickly.
I cannot emphasize how EMPTY the sidewalks were--every store, restaurant, and bar completely silent, doors locked-up, chairs all meticulously placed on top of tables.

Gorgeous window display at Page's, which is actually a stationary store.
I really want this chandelier in their other window. Not sure where I would put it though.

We were out for awhile.  I really wish I had pictures from Wednesday for a comparison.  Finally, we had to get home to make our share of the dinner side dishes.

We brought roasted brussel sprouts, baked apples with sweet potatoes (first time we had tried it; we all agreed the recipe needs some tweaking), an extra turkey breast with gravy, and an extra pumpkin pie that we didn't need. (Better to have too much pie than not enough.)  It was a million degrees in the kitchen--not complaining though because I'm never prepared for the freezing cold.

My mom's table looked really beautiful.  She was wondering what to use for table placesettings the day before, but I guess she figured that out overnight:

Clementines with little "leaves" had everyone's name on them. 

Of course, I didn't get any pictures of my relatives.  What are my photographic priorities here?  I guess we all went home in some sort of food coma.  Totally worth it.

The Fluffs were on their own Thanksgiving night, and I guess this bothered them to be left out.  I came downstairs this morning to find the wishbone from our extra turkey breast on the kitchen floor, clearly gnawed to bits. I don't have pictures of the crime scene, but clearly nobody is feeling guilty about this.

Dear God.
So tonight is my 10 year high school reunion. This makes me laugh because my whole life is a freakin high school reunion.  I'm married to the guy who took me to my senior prom; I'm still best friends with girls who went to high school with me; all of Ron's best friends are guys who went to high school with us; my neighbors (who went to junior AND senior prom together) went to high school with us; one of my very BESTEST friends went to high school with me and has established her career at the same high school.  I know that I'm leaving other stuff out.  But do you see what I mean?  This morning, my other very bestest friend (who is our class prez and also in charge of all of this reunion nonsense) came over and we quizzed each other on the senior portraits in our yearbook. Our "Name the Face" record sort of stunk. I would say that we had a combined 60% recognition rate.  That percentage goes down if you ask whether we could come up with last names in the cases that we could remember first names.  Oh well.

Ron's on his way home from an impromptu football game with a bunch of high school guys, some of whom are here just for the holidays/reunion.  Reports are coming in via text (from people who are not even there) that he suffered injuries on the field.  Considering that he hasn't played football since the Fall 2000 Turkey Bowl (at the aforementioned high-school-that-won't-go-away), this is unfortunate but not surprising.

It's 2pm and I'm still in pajamas. Time to start my day already. I think it's 60-something degrees outside today? I'm going for a run ...

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