Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scenes from the evening

If you don't feel like carving your pumpkin (because you want to save it for Thanksgiving), just tape a face to it.

 Hot dog mummies. Aren't they cute?

She hangs out (literally) in my mom's foyer--she dons her mask once a year.

 My sister and I love our mom's vintage holiday ceramics, all of them done decades ago by other women in our family.

 My front table: I had to buy my tall ghost at Home Goods, but I've had the small cross-eyed ghost since third grade.  A boy in our third grade classroom made one for each student in the class.  It's still one of my favorite things.

I love, love Halloween. Tonight, we tried out a new recipe for white chicken chili at my mom's house.  Of course, there was a big tray of homemade corn bread to go with it. And candy. Lots of candy.

I love candy.  So it's a good thing I was in charge of answering the door--I'm sure I walked 5,000 steps back and forth in between bells.

Tomorrow is November! (Or, I guess, today at this point.)  Where is the semester going?


Erin S said...

OK, so this is completely related to Halloween, but I love the mirror above your mom's fireplace!

Jo Harper said...

Home Goods! My mom is pretty crazy about the mirror too. She also recently painted her brown mantle white and will soon redo the walls a darker shade of beige--the whole effect is very Ballard ; )

Laurie said...

my mom has the same ceramic ghost!