Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No, I'm not dead.

... I'm just up to my ears in bluebooks.

Thank God: last set of exams until December.  Oh, but don't hold your breath! I have a flood of current event papers slowly but surely rolling toward me in the middle of next week.  Grading isn't AWFUL, but it's so tedious and monotonous ... like taking the SATs or GREs all over again.  Time flies when you get into it, but it still doesn't go fast enough ... and yet, time winds down so quickly each day so that I never tear through enough of these damn things to make me feel like I accomplished anything.

I have two birthdays to discuss and some other good stuff that I can't remember at 1am.

At least the Fluffs keep me company.

"Put the camera down and Get. Me. My. Breakfast."

"Did you know? It's 70 degrees out! Let'sgooutside Let'sgooutside Let'sgooutside!"
More later.


Erin S said...

Agreed on the tedious and monotonous comment. I am at the point this year when I am seriously wondering why I continue to assign work to my students when I just have to grade it in the end. Wouldn't everyone's life just be better if we forgot about this whole doing assignments and taking tests thing? Yeah, I'll keep dreaming. Good luck with the rest of the blue books!

Cat Lady, Esq. said...

baaaaahahaha love the prrgrr pic