Friday, November 18, 2011

The Face of Angst and some other stuff

As per my last post, here is The Face of Angst--you always know it when you see it.  (Here, The Face of Angst is on the landing above The Face of Surprise.)

Yes, people. It pains me too.  I didn't even bother correcting the red-eye: What's the point? Angst is angst.  (Thanks to Tiff for sending me the reaction from the other side of the room!)

On my way home from school today, I stopped to take a picture that I've been meaning to take since, oh ... I don't know ... freshman year of college?

Paoli Pike near Warren Avenue

Before I go any further, I may as well keep the theme of angst going here.  When I drove by this spot on Wednesday, the shades of yellow in the trees and the fallen leaves on the ground were incredibly bright.  Two days later: gone.  (Again, refer back to the last post about frustration re: absurdly fast passage of time.)  Yet another rip-my-hair out moment.  Oh well, I guess I can try again in 11 or 12 months.

I've driven down Paoli Pike one hundred gajillion times.  I'll probably drive down Paoli Pike another three thousand gajillion times before I die.  I think that's why I put off stopping to take these pictures for the past 10 years.  I absolutely didn't have time on Wednesday when the color were beautiful, and I had forgotten my camera.  Oh well.  Next year, next year.

Oakleaf hydrangea I think?
I saw these leaves on my run yesterday and didn't have time to go back and find them (on my way to that meeting at school). For the record, in case anybody cares, the meeting was voluntary and I didn't even have to go. Otherwise, I GUESS I would typically put my job first ... though, it's hard to say No to a good photo-op.

Time to start the weekend. Do your best to avoid angst until Monday (or Sunday night).

"I don't know what angst is, but if I did I would tell you to just sleep your way through it."

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Linda C said...

I can't believe you finally stopped and took photos of the iron gate and tree-lined path on Paoli Pike. Where did you park? Not sure why I am leaving you a comment since I have been told my comments don't count!