Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Completely obsessed with ...

... the seasonal shopping bags at Eddie Bauer.

I love love LOVE them.  Apparently, it's an original work by Stine (as in "Christine") Bauer who is/was married to the original Eddie Bauer? (I didn't know there really WAS an Eddie Bauer because everybody knows that Ann Taylor isn't real.  You knew that, right? That's one of the first things they teach you there during your first shift on the floor.) 

The even have the image on serving pieces:

Image via here
AND it's also on blank greeting cards:

Image via here

I have no need for china. (I don't think I ever mentioned that I DID order the red "Winter Song" dinner and salad plates a few months ago--I've been using them for two months now.)  The last thing I need is more dishes. I have plenty of cards and stationary too.  You know what I REALLY wish I could do/have? I wish I could blow up this image to a very large poster size and put it in my kitchen from Thanksgiving through the end of February.  Currently, this guy is in my kitchen year round, and I LOVE it:

Love Park in Philly, looking toward the Art Museum

But, I would love to switch it out with the winter image.  I would try to use the shopping bag for this purpose, but even if my scanner could handle it, I don't want "Eddie Bauer JOY!" printed on it.  Maybe I'll wait for the cards to go half off and then see what I can do? Any thoughts? I know that I'm publicly discussing possible dabblings in copyright infringement, but I'm not planning on selling the image.  Rather, I'm planning on spending too much money on enlarging the image, framing it (however shoddily), and placing it in my kitchen. 

Whatevs. I know I have a lot of free space in my brain if this is the stuff I'm pondering. 

Tomorrow, I need to get started on some of the Thanksgiving sides that I'm bringing to my mom's on Thursday.  I'm actually going to bake a pumpkin pie rather than buy one.  (Somehow, we overlooked the pumpkin pie at last year's dinner and I have since sworn that this will never, EVER happen again.)  Don't be too impressed: I bought the pie crust and I'm using canned pumpkin. No Martha Magic in this house.

You know that grad school has scarred you for life (or a really long time, at least) when Thanksgiving weekend rolls around, and there's a voice in your head that goes, "How far am I on my term papers?  I've finished at least one of them right? Do I have all the books I need to write another 10 pages this weekend?  I REALLY don't want to go down Philly this weekend ... Ohhhh right .... I graduated. MONTHS AGO.  I haven't written a term paper since Spring 2008.  Jesus Christ. Nevermind."

HA! oh well.  So, I'll see you all for NBT tomorrow? You know who you are.

PS--big shout out to Ama who has finished writing her master's thesis once and for frickin all! YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!


Laurie said...

For the Eddie Bauer painting, think 8th grade art project. Remember? We took an image. Drew grid lines on it. Took a large piece of paper. Drew the same grid lines. Used both to sketch the image on the large piece of paper. Painted it.... and ta da! Everyone's turned out really nicely. Plus, it would look like a painting and not a print. I think you could do it!

leslie said...

Laurie! I LOVED that art project. Good thinking...I even remember Mrs. Graul explaining it..... I'll reserve my other comments on that subject hehe Heather, the only thing that gets me about the love park painting is how inaccurate it is. Theres always someone peeing in the fountain or getting held up there. I guess the artist avoids reality. Suppose I don't blame him.