Monday, October 3, 2011

Life between weekends: Ikea Virgin edition

Somewhere in between grading exams (still not finished with those), trying to figure out Blogger, and surviving my cold, I managed to make it to Ikea for the first time EVER in my whole life, go to my friend's baby shower, and teach my other friend some tips on using her new DSLR.  I don't really have a story per se about the weekend, so I'll give you the photo summary.

I finally pulled over to take a picture of these morning glories that I pass on my way to and from school.  The blooms in the top left corner most accurately depict their real color.  So stunning.

Amy, Dave, and Maya stopped by to say Hi to us Friday evening.  We've known Amy and Dave since middle school--now we all live on the same street.  Maya's six months old this week.  They're all so freakin cute that it makes your head spin.

Matcha chai lattes and soft pretzels at the Farmer's Market on Saturday.  How pretty are Leslie's eyes?

Leslie taught Penny that the tunnel isn't really that scary. (Not sure if Penny is buying it.)

Leslie also taught my mom's cat, Willow, how to be even badder than she typically is.

And then there was our first ever trip to Ikea.  (Technically, my mom came here once in the mid-80s, but the rest of us had never been.)  What can I say? It was mind-blowing.  WHY oh WHY did we not come here five years ago when we had to furnish our house??  It makes me cringe to think how badly we overpaid for some items.  Oh well. C'est la vie.  Now I know why so many of my favorite people in Blog Land talk about this place all the time.  I get it.  I'm converted.

The only crappy part about our Ikea is the drive.  Conshohocken and (worse) driving to Conshohocken is a FREAKIN NIGHTMARE DISASTER on a good day. The traffic, outdated highways, and bizarre traffic patterns are enough to make your eyes bleed.  Many years ago when I was a first year grad student, I had a fellow first year friend named Lior.  Lior lived in Philly like everyone else in our program, and she really needed to furnish her apartment.  Her mom flew in from Israel to help her get moved in, and they took the Broad Street Line down to the South Philly Ikea and bought everything she needed.  I mean, we're talking major pieces of furniture here.  And somehow (I'm still not sure how), they brought it all back home on the subway.  I was like, "Lior: you are a liar."  Lior said: "I wish."

So, sit on the Schuylkill Expressway for two days with your purchases, or sit on the BSL with all of your stuff and pray not to get beat by a random 14 year old who has nothing better to do.  Both are pretty bad.  Who knows when I'll get back there, but I loved it.

See Laurie? Even with a ton of practice, stuff is still going to blur and you won't know it till it's too late.

My friend and neighbor, Mandy, is expecting her first baby (a boy!) next month and her shower took place yesterday.  I made her the same blanket I made for Dina with different yarn.  I really love this green and blue combo.  This V-pattern is so easy that it tempts me not to bother learning anything new.  I'm working on one more right now ... maybe when that's finished, I'll make myself find another pattern.

I also picked up finger puppets when I was at Ikea--aren't they great? I love them.  The baby section at Ikea is incredible.  I loved all of their crib linens and stuffed animals.  They also had amazing toys.  My mom loved these little plush farm animals, and Leslie and I loved their felty 3-D farm set. (I can't find a picture of it online, but it's in their latest catalogue.)

That huge guy on the right is 811 lbs. Not joking.

Finally, Laurie and I actually got around to meeting up at Longwood and practicing with her new camera.  She has the newest version of my camera. (I have the now defunct Nikon D50; I think Laurie has the Nikon D3000?)  Wow--let me just say that technology changes so much in six years.  Her camera has a ton of features that I didn't even know I needed. 

We did a lot of work with aperture and shutter options (in the freezing-ass cold and rain, I might add.  My fingers were totally purple.  Philly can't catch a break this year).  Laurie's amazing because she could cite (practically verbatim) at least two different manuals for accessing various camera settings.  Do you know anyone who's read the manual (and additional supplements) for any of their gadgets?  Neither did I, until yesterday.  Laurie's expecting a baby in December, so she'll be the ultimate picture-taker by the time her little girl arrives.

So that's that.  I'm still obsessing over the blog header.  I want to rip my hair out every time I look at it.  I'm sorta just waiting for that feeling to pass.  C'est la vie, c'est la vie ...


Pearl said...

Penny smells funny....

Laurie said...

Thanks for all your help with the camera, Heather!! It was a lot of fun :)

Cat Lady, Esq. said...

Not true, ive been to ikea! only made it through 21 years of my life without it. can ron drive us again when i hate to buy stuff for my apartment in 1 yr, 8 months ish?? the south philly one might be easier to get to... just hop on 95 im guessing.

amy dave and maya are the cutest family EVER.