Monday, October 10, 2011

Laurie's baby blanket

First off: I believe I've fixed the issue with comments once and for all.  My mom and sister were telling me last Thursday, "It's impossible to comment on anything. IMPOSSIBLE!!" After digging around and crying to Ron about it, I think the issue is fixed.  Try to leave a comment (even one that just says "TEST") and see if you have success.  The comments now appear as a pop-up box, fyi.

I've been friends with Laurie for a pretty long time.  In 10th grade, she and I had a bunch of classes together, so we talked all the time.  My favorite thing about Laurie is that (honest to God) I cannot remember a single moment where she has said something rude or mean about another person.  How many people do you know who are like that? If you know one or two, you are lucky.

I did the same blanket for her that I did for Dina and Mandy.  In case it's not obvious, Laurie's having a girl--everyone's been told to expect her grand entrance in late December.  I barely managed to finish this blanket on Friday night in time for Laurie's shower.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the final result, and I later found out that it will perfectly match the new nursery.

I have one roll of baby wrapping paper, but it reminds me more of boys rather than girls.  So I did something a little different.

The one caveat with this blanket was the yarn.  One of the skeins I used became so tangled at one point that I had to cut it at five different points and do a weaver's knot to hide the evidence.  My mom taught me how to crochet, and she has always been adamant that any old knot will never do in a crocheted piece: One must always use a weaver's knot because it lies flat and is easily hidden within your work.  She has had to show me ONE MILLION times how to do this.  Thanks to my iPhone, I recorded how to do it, and now I should (ideally) never forget this technique.  Want to learn?  I apologize in advance for my finger that blocks part of then lens; for the rustling of my sister's potato chip bag in the background (and I apologize to Leslie for giving her the DIRTIEST LOOK EVER while filming); and I apologize to my mom for posting this video since her hands feature prominently within it and she wasn't quite done doing her nails at the moment of filming.

If the video doesn't work, please let me know ... Blogger has been the Biggest Pain the Ass Ever this past month, so I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't play for any of you.

The cake was DELISH.  (Laurie, where did your mom get the cake?  It tasted as good as it looked.)

And the guest of honor looked so pretty, as usual. Laurie's niece was the official helper with the presents.

I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning (yay!!) and serving as a sober witness to the drunkest karaoke party I have ever seen at my friend's house.  Nothing puts life in perspective faster than four solid hours of karaoke. 

Maybe the Fluffs had the right idea: They slept.

I should clarify: They slept a lot.

Not really sure what Pearl is trying to avoid in that last one.

And thus the week begins.  I hope it's not another solid week before I post again. I'm trying out sweet potato biscuits this week, so I'll let you know how they turn out.


Ron said...

Comments work...YAY!

Laurie said...

Loved the blanket!! Thank you :) The cake was from the Bakers of Buffington in Downington:

Cat Lady, Esq. said...

I appreciate the apology, especially since I was making my sandwich long before you started the video.

Jo Harper said...

The Bakers of Buffington! I've been hearing SO MUCH about them this year. I've had their cake at another shower and a wedding, and I think they're pretty amazing.

Linda C said...

Test message... will "comments" actually work this time?????