Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like nonsense ...

... everywhere you go.

There's a snowman on my neighbor's lawn ... not far from her Halloween decorations.

For the record, Penny and Pearl cried and cried and CRIED this morning until I finally let them outside.

I feel like Pearl's face mirrors the face of every person waiting for a Septa bus or train today.

The Fluffs were only out for three minutes and I had to drag them both inside kicking and screaming.  They weren't interested in coming back in. At least my new lounge chair serves some purpose when it's not 90 degrees for weeks on end.  Seriously, did I really buy this thing over Memorial Day weekend?? How long ago was that again? When did the summer happen again?  Did summer really happen? I don't remember.

Oh well.  The cake pops are done, but I'm not sure if I'll ever bother making them again.  It's not that they were hard, but if you want them to look the way they do in the magazine, it requires a TON of effort that I'm not willing to do for something like this.

Yeah, there was quite a bit of trial and error.  Oh well. We managed to salvage most of them.  (Yes, "we": Ron had to swoop in and help because it was a messy process that required three or four hands.  Of course they don't mention that in the directions.)

Like I said yesterday, my back up plan was to coat them in sprinkles if I couldn't bother with the faces. I totally wanted to make the ghost faces, but the coating set up really quickly and would drip everywhere if you let it.  You can see that they're still sitting on the cooling rack with all the drips cemented onto the foil below.  Now, when you try to peel them off the rack, the white chocolate peels off the bottom and stays behind.  When they're sitting on a plate, you won't see this ... until you go to pick one up to eat it.  Oh well.

At least they still taste good.  Basically, you make a box cake and bake it in a 9x13 dish. When it cools, you crumble it into a large bowl and add one cup of frosting (preferably from a can).  You mix it all up until it forms a paste.  Roll the paste into 1 inch balls. You stick the lollipop sticks in them, and then you freeze them for an hour. (I refrigerated mine overnight because there was no room in my freezer, and I was like, "I'll be damned if I'm cleaning out the freezer at 1am on a Friday night. Not happening."  Luckily, we haven't gone food shopping in two weeks, so there was plenty of room in the fridge.)  Then you melt the coating. I didn't want to use those nasty "vanilla chips" you buy at Michaels, so I bought white chocolate chips.  They coated nicely, but the whole "drippy while they dry" thing is annoying because they dry onto whatever surface you place them on.

In the end, they taste like chocolate munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.  (I did chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.)  They're cute, so whatevs.

Meanwhile it is just snowing, snowing, snowing outside.  Really, it's no weirder than (or just as weird as) a 100 degree weekend in the middle of March.  At least little kids don't have to worry about covering up their awesome costumes under winter coats tonight ; )

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