Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall leaves and a surprise

Before lunch today, I came home from running errands and noticed that the trees in my neighborhood had finally started turning.  It was warm and sunny out, so I pulled in front of my house and went inside and grabbed my camera ... and when I reemerged 2.5 minutes later, things outside had changed.  A lot. Basically, it was storming.

But, I still got my pix!

(This is the part where you say, "Yaaaay!" for me.)

I wouldn't say our neighborhood has "peaked" yet, but we're getting there.  I'm pretty sure that most (if not all) of these trees are maples.  Every year, they are the most gorgeous combination of bright red, orange, and green.  It's like candy ... or a combination of paint cards at the Home Depot ... or a stack of cashmere cardigans in the JCrew catalogue.  Or a bin of clearance-price yarn at Michael's.

I grabbed a few pictures right before it started to pour rain and then drove into West Chester to meet up with mom, Leslie, and our friend Eileen for lunch.  If you haven't tried Limoncello's lunch buffet, people, then you haven't lived.  Because it is lovely.  Of course, walking through the pouring rain (and hail, depending on where you were) and then slogging through the sidewalk that has become a river is not as lovely.  But, it's worth it for Limoncello.

But, the best part of today happened around dinnertime.  After sitting for an hour or two and watching trashy reality TV, Ron and I heard the doorbell.  Neighbor Sean (who is married to Mandy, who you would remember from this post) stood there with some pretty big news: The baby is here--five weeks early!

Of course, what did I do? I screamed and jumped up and down.  Ron, the real grown up in these situations asked, "How are you?  Do you need anything? Do you need to assemble baby furniture?"  I continued shrieking, "I don't believe it! I don't believe it!"

So now I'm over the top excited with almost nothing to do.  Ron is assembling a pinhole camera that I bought at Home Goods today ($6 ... although after reading the manual, I think it's one time use? I don't know. I hope not).  I think I may make myself start a new crochet project.  Of course, I have a HUGE PILE OF STUFF in the middle of my hallway that needs to be wrapped up and boxed for Good Will.  Let's see how long I can procrastinate on that.  Don't hold your breath.  I can put off stuff like that for years.  (When I cleaned out my desk drawer back in February, I found my 12th grade SAT scores.  Not proud of that ... not proud that I accidentally kept them for TEN YEARS and still not proud of my score, which took me five years to forget.)

Congratulations Mandy and Sean!  Stop by and say hi when you're ready!

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