Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Betsey Johnson Dress

Two weeks ago, I saw this dress in the window of Greene Street while walking to the farmer's market.

I loved it, but then I thought to myself, "Where am I gonna wear that?"  So I forgot about it.  But two weeks later, it was still in the window.  So I stopped in today to ask about it.  As soon as I flipped over the price tag, I saw two things: "Betsey Johnson" and "$86."  Plus, the dress turned out to be two sizes too big (although it looked like my size on the mannequin).  So I stared at it longingly for awhile before forcing myself to leave and walk back to my car.

Three hours later--after a crazy marathon of cleaning out my back bedroom for the second freaking time this year--I was back in the car driving to Greene Street so I could try the damn thing on because I wanted finally just to forget about it.  When I walked in, however, the dress was no longer on the mannequin.  Just as I was thinking, "Well that settles that.  And goddammit, did I seriously just waste two more quarters on goddamn West Chester parking???" I noticed the dress shoved onto a nearby rack, clearly demoted from mannequin status.  So I grabbed it and skipped off to the fitting room.

Is it a sad thing when you try something on and think, "Oh thank God!" when it officially doesn't fit?  Not only was it too big, but I confirmed once and for all that cut-straight-across-the-top-strapless dresses are really not flattering on me.  So I saved myself $86 today.  Somewhere in a parallel universe, that dress is mine and it looks great on me.  C'est la vie.

Jewelry made from Barbie shoes at 5 Senses
A few days ago, my friend Joan sent me a fun gift in the mail.  She crocheted two skinny scarves for me (I had no idea that she learned how to crochet), a vegan cupcake recipe book, the coolest magnets (Joan is aware of my Blessed Mother obsession), and napkins from West Elm.

Thanks Joan!  Next time you're in PA, I'll make sure I have a batch of vegan cupcakes ready for you ; )

I need to start a new crochet project ... there's one scarf upstairs that I have started and restarted THREE times in the past two years.  Maybe I'll give that another shot this weekend.

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