Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life between weekdays (so far)

Enjoying the new comforter selected by my grandmother and my aunt for my birthday.  Penny really likes it too.

Also enjoying the hilarious birthday card that my aunt mailed to me.  I'm one of "those people" who will never not be amused by this photo.

Everhart Park
Walked to the farmer's market with Ron.

Stopped at the koi pond on Miner Street.

Ha! Irene even got the peaches.

I bought end of season hydrangea (last year's had shades of blue rather than pink), potatoes, one eggplant, apples, loose leaf teas for this new tea pot contraption that my mom gave to me for my bday (there will be a post about it sooner or later), and Ron bought apricot chili pepper jelly to glaze grilled shrimp.

Summer is O-V-E-R when you have to do homework at the pool.  I distinctly remember having to do that on Labor Day 2005, and it was SUCH A DRAG.  And (I discovered weeks later) I could've skipped the whole reading and it NEVER WOULD'VE MATTERED.  Ugh.

My mother-in-law made homemade manicotti for my birthday. I ate BOTH of these thinking it was dinner.  Period.  No sooner do I take the last bite and she says, "Let me go get the meatballs and braciole."  Needless to say, I could hardly eat half a meatball and two bites of braciole.  Physically impossible.  I also learned that real manicotti aren't made with pasta per se: It's actually a delicate crepe filled with the ricotta and mozzarella mixture.  Big difference.

Lidia's chocolate bread parfait for dessert (not sure which book has this recipe--I forgot to check).  I loved this because it wasn't very sweet.  You soak white bread in an espresso, chocolate, and milk mixture, and you layer it with fresh, unsweetened whipped cream after it sits for a while.  Don't forget the toasted almonds.

Happy boy
I'm sure we'll enjoy the rest of the weekend, but somebody please say a prayer for my pretty momma: She has a terrible toothache on a holiday weekend.  I could cry just looking at her.

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