Monday, September 19, 2011

Life between (final summer) weekends

I've almost forgotten that it's still technically summer.  I know this is terrible, but I'm already looking forward to the first day of spring.  I know, I know: I should just move to California, I know.

I want to say that both of these sunset pictures followed a crazy rainstorm, but I honestly don't remember if it rained last week or not.  I guess things were more of a blur than I realized.

Oooohh, wait. I remember now: I took these while talking on the phone to Marcie last Thursday.  Thursday was the day that everything went from 80 degrees to 50 degrees in a matter of two hours. Totally bizarre. I guess these were the remnants of the front that moved through and literally cleared the air.

Despite it being the last official summer weekend, Saturday had "fall" written all over it.  Leslie joined me and Ron at the farmer's market--we (I guess that's me and Leslie) love how you can buy some really tiny apples at our favorite vendor.  I hate nothing more than an apple that's too big to finish.  (Well, supermarket red delicious apples are actually more hateful--no matter how small--now that I think about it.)

Leslie said the farmer's market reminded her of the fall festival scene from "You've Got Mail." (You know the part where they play Bobby Darin's "Splish Splash" and Tom Hanks is walking around with Annabelle and Matt?)  "I keep thinking we're going to bump into Kathleen Kelly."

We had our first official fall meal--chili and cornbread--at my mom's house.  Of course, the fall meal included fall china (a lovely find from the Women's Exchange).  I really like that tablecloth too.

My grandparents came to dinner, and I used my new Fuji Instax.  My grandmother took this photo home, but I guess I technically have a copy too.

I brought dessert over: pumpkin rice pudding with craisins and apples.  I usually make this repeatedly straight through the end of January.  It feels like forever since I last had it, but it's been only eight months.  Time is weird.  (I think a lot philosophers, professional and otherwise, would agree with me on that one.)

(Remind me if you want the recipe--I'll have to type it up.)

Mom and I (barely) made it over to Longwood for 30 minutes on Friday.

The pumpkins are out at Terrain, but people seriously: if you want the fancy pumpkins that you see in magazines (like Cinderalla pumpkins and Fairy Tale pumpkins), check out your farmer's market first.  They'll be a mere fraction of the price.  Our market didn't get them in until late Sept/early Oct. last year, but it's worth the wait.  (Just remember: if you walk a mile or two one-way to your market, do NOT buy 30lbs of pumpkins before remembering, "Oh wait: we didn't drive here ... we walked."  Ron's pretty forgiving of my miscalculations of various things, but he hasn't been so forgiving of that one.)

Last of the summer herbs.  Even when I bring herbs inside for the winter, they don't fare so well.  Simply not enough sun.  I wish I had floor to ceiling windows ... sorta. I guess it depends on where you live.

Monday's here: I hope everyone has an easy week : )

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