Friday, September 23, 2011

Ina's blondies

Last weekend, Ina had a show devoted to cookies, and I knew right away that I wanted to try out her blondie recipe (the batter for which doubles as her chocolate chunk cookie batter).  I have at least four of Ina's books, but the blondie recipe hadn't been printed in any of mine.  Oddly, the Food Network website didn't have the recipe either, but Ina's personal website did.

Of course, from the start I had an issue: I didn't have AP flour, but I DID have "unbleached white whole wheat flour."  Huh. I have NO IDEA why I bought this.  It was sitting unopened on the shelf in my basement, and I could tell I bought it recently.  My only guess is that I bought it thinking that it was "unbleached all purpose flour," but I was too distracted at the store to realize I was buying the wrong thing. Oh well.  So do you think I went to the store today to buy the correct flour for the blondies?

Of course I didn't.  Do you know how bad it rained here today? Bad enough that 1/3 of my students didn't show up for class and also bad enough that I couldn't convince myself to go to the supermarket for the third time this week.

I think I like the way they turned out.

Ok, I think the truth is that they're not cakey enough and (I can't believe I'm saying this) I think they may be too buttery/greasy even for me.  That being said, the flavor is good.  I can't tell what I screwed up.  I really don't think it's the flour.  For some reason, I think it was the choice of pan: I don't own a glass or metal 8x12 pan (because I already own two 9x13 pans, so what's the point?).  I did have a disposable foil pan that I simply sprayed with Pam (in lieu of greasing and flouring, which I would do for a glass/metal pan).  For some reason, I think Pam has added a degree of greasiness that's not completely helpful.

I'll definitely try this recipe out one more time with a proper baking dish and (why not?) proper flour.  Ironically, right after I popped these in the oven, I found myself reading this article in the latest O Magazine about the use of whole grain flours in baking.  Long story short, the author says (I'm paraphrasing here): "Sometimes you can substitute whole grain flours for AP, sometimes you can't. You never know for sure until you try them out."

Well, there you have it folks.

(Anybody want some unbleached white whole wheat flour?  Because I have a lot of it.)

btw, Happy Birthday Marcie!  Have fun in Hawaii!

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