Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where were you during the earthquake?

I know: I'm a day late. Nobody cares about this anymore.

For the record, I didn't feel a thing. Apparently, I was in the car when it happened and that has something to do with my anti-climatic story.  I came home from my mom's house via the supermarket, and my neighbor opened his door and said to me, "Oh my gosh!!!" And he just stared at me.  I said, "What? WHAT?"  His eyes were so big and he goes, "You didn't ... you didn't ...?  Go turn on the news."  To which I responded, "Oh my God, is Gaddhafi gone??"  And my neighbor goes, "WHAT? NO. We had an earthquake! Gaddhafi??"

So, I raced inside and the texting commenced.

From my mother: "We just had an earthquake! I was disappointed you had left because it is so much better to share that type of event. I literally laughed out loud and said omg earthquake in west chester!"

I texted Ron (who was in South Carolina at the time) and received: "Felt it here too! The projector in our room that was mounted on the ceiling was shaking. We have a guy from San Jose here and he guessed the magnitude."

I texted my friend Katherine in Raleigh, NC and received: "I was interviewing someone when it happened ... crazy!"  (Can you imagine an earthquake during your job interview?)

I texted Joanie G. in Nashville, TN, but she missed out on the fun. She lives too far west to feel anything. Her husband (who works in Philly) did not: "Did you feel it? Where are you? Ryan is at work and he said the building was bouncing up and down."

So that's that. My boring story is documented.

On the other hand, thank God it was boring.  Right?


Erin S said...

I didn't feel anything either! Apparently the high school is built like a fortress. I'm kind of sad about missing it. The news said my condition is called "tremor envy." Yes, they have taken the time to give it a name. And sadly, here I am talking about it... I am going to stop now.

Jo Harper said...

"Tremor Envy"!!! Yup, I'm totally afflicted. Pathetic. For the record, my friend Anthony was in Philly and didn't feel it either.

Linda C said...

Hmmm...job interview and there is an earthquake. How do you interpret that one? There is an earthquake so you should run away and not look back? Or there is an earthquake because "someone" is trying to tell you wake-up and pay attention? I'm thinking run like mad!