Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stormy insanity

After a summer with no rain, we've had a whole summer's worth of thunderstorms in one week.  The good thing about a summer with no rain is that you can take for granted doing anything you want outside--whenever you want.

So it's sorta annoying when you plan to grille half of your dinner outside only to realize that the sky is seriously dictating how much longer you have to actually prepare the meal.

Ron did what he could to get the fish and corn grilled (with success! Yay!). But at one point, he did jump through the kitchen door muttering, "Holy crap, I'm gonna get struck by lightning."

I don't remember the last time I cooked A MEAL.  Maybe May?  So I was annoyed that my one night of ambition (it wasn't even a hard meal--just vegetables and fish with couscous outta the box) could be potentially foiled by a power outtage.

Indoor insanity. Nice.

No power outtage--we finished cooking and ate while the rain pounded on the roof.  The resulting sunset was very pretty.

This was the pattern that the week seemed to follow, but last night we enjoyed a beautiful ...

Do you see it?

... rainbow.  I kept waiting for it to get darker, but it remained very faint.

Do you see the second, fainter rainbow on the right?
The Pool Ladies spent most of Thursday and Friday talking about the seriously LOUD storms that came through overnight on Wednesday and Thursday: "Oh my GAAAWWWDDD.  Did you hear that thunder last night?? It was so LOUD. It woke me right up!  And the lightning?  It was so BRIGHT!! I've lived here my whole LIFE and I've never SEEN lightning like THAT!!!"

I couldn't help but think, "Really?  It happens every summer ..." The good thing about all of this rain is that my car is so clean.  I don't really go anywhere, so it rains and the car stays nice.  Free car wash.

We'll see if this is an eventful weekend.  I have farmer's market photos from this morning and we're seeing friends tonight.  Tomorrow, Laurie and I go out and practice picture-taking with her brand new DSLR.  (Welcome to the club, Laurie!)

Enjoy your Saturday night!

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