Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Lucky for us, Ron had a vacation day lined up for this Monday.  So the three of us (#3 being my sister, Leslie) packed up the car and headed to the beach for a day.

I'm not really sure when we were last here ... Ron and I were in Wildwood for a few days with his parents in 2009, but could it really be that we didn't go down the shore once last year?  That actually may be the case.  When you live 90 minutes from the beach, this is a travesty.  Especially when you're the kind of person who walks around saying things like, "Oh my GOD, if I didn't live near one of the coastlines I would just DIE.  I need to know that I'm always living within two hours of an ocean!"  Well, what's the point of living near an ocean if you don't go to be near it?

We lucked out with a beautiful day: hot, hot sand and very cold water (none of this 80 degree bathtub stuff for me).

Blue, green, beige, and white: my favorite colors.

The waves were (in my opinion) big, though they don't look it here.  It would take a bit of resolve to get out deep enough to actually swim.  They were crashing very heavily, you know what I mean?  If you didn't pay attention for a few seconds, you could really get pounded by them.

I think this should be the cover of a metaphysics textbook: "Let's ask ourselves: What is REAL?"  I'm just kidding. Don't ask yourself that right now.

Hi! Yes, I see you! ; )

I don't care what anybody says: I love seagulls, even if they do steal food right outta your hands.

We like to stay on the sand late, ideally until 7 or 730, but Ron has an actual, real job (for which we are very grateful--don't get me wrong!) so we had to leave a little bit earlier to grab some dinner and start the journey home.

Nothing beats boardwalk pizza and diet Coke.  Love love love.  And then, there's the candy. I always buy candy when I'm on the boardwalk.  This time I went a little overboard and bought chocolate covered marshmallows (almost as good as Ron's, but definitely not better), chocolate covered caramels, and one single wrapped caramello (marshmallow covered in caramel--to die for).  I guess you can buy this stuff in the suburbs, but I've never looked for it because I only associate it with the boardwalk.

Not to say that I don't eat massive amounts of candy outside of the boardwalk. Just different candy.

Oh, do I love candy.  And the beach!  Even if there's no candy involved.  Yes, I'm always grateful for a beautiful day at the beach.

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