Monday, August 15, 2011

Life between weekdays

Before dragging his sorry butt up to bed a few hours ago, Ron said to no one in particular, "It was such a loooong weekend ... too bad it's over."

Friday does seem like a week ago.  Our friend Tiff somehow stumbled upon this event that has been going on weekly the whole summer.  When this past Friday rolled around, Ron and I packed up a picnic and drove out to the Brandywine Polo Club to meet up with the gang.  I took riding lessons for seven years, but I had never been to a polo game of any sort.  The horses were beautiful, but this little guy pretty much stole the show:

His name is Bruce, and that's his dad, Matt.

Sorry, ladies.  I know what you're thinking, but Matt's off the market because he's engaged to Julie.

Yes, ladies. I know what you're thinking: Julie looks like she stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad.  All she needs is Kate Middleton-esque cowboy hat.

On the other hand, a cowboy hat would've been hideously inappropriate because this was a polo match and polo is English--not Western (God forbid we should cross those wires).

Between the nine of us, we had a ton of good food and (what seemed like) endless wine.

Great idea for a Friday night, Tiff! ps--I loved your dress but I forgot to mention it.

Once the game was over, everyone packed up their dinner stuff and moved their blankets and chairs off of the field and over to the live music.  I'm pretty sure we all unanimously agreed that we loved the band--I think they played for nearly two hours?  I was sorta distracted by the view.

The whole night was so California--the uptightness of the East Coast disappeared for a few hours.  This little corner of Chester County channeled Napa from 3,000 miles away.

The night was so relaxing that it was completely wiped us out.  I have never been so tired at 10pm before. Isn't it weird how that happens?  (Of course some people might say, "You mentioned 'endless wine': duh."  But that's not what I mean.)

So the next morning greeted us with more perfect weather, and my mom and I walked into WC for the farmer's market. I needed a bunch of stuff for dinner because we were expecting Ron's dad that evening.(Joanne was down the shore with friends, so the poor guy was totally abandoned.)

I think I dragged home bell peppers, poblano peppers, onions, potatoes, and apples.  Now that I think about it, we didn't use any of this stuff in Saturday's dinner.  So much for making plans.  See? And what did I say in last weekend's post? Something like, "Oh yeah, I show up at the market and regret not making a list previously."  So this time I make a list and it's completely pointless. Whatever. Why do I try so hard?

These things have been cropping up all over town. I like the monster feet that people have made for the bases of the blue mailboxes on the street corners. 

No, instead of using the stuff I bought, Ron simply raided the pantry and the fridge and used stuff we already had: Israeli couscous, tomatoes from the back deck, big hearts of romaine that his mom gave him earlier in the week ... the only thing we used that we bought was salmon. And a bell pepper.

Anyway, everything about it was fabulous. Ron marinated the fish in some random concoction, and the couscous was done like an Italian pasta salad: tomato and basil and parmesan.  I really wanted to do a Caesar salad with croutons (I love croutons), but I never got around to it.  But, I did make dessert.

Did I get a picture of Ron and his dad? No.  Oh, but thank GOD I documented the dessert!  I clearly have my priorities in order.

This was so easy to do, and NO--I did not buy the crust.  I made it! yay!  Seriously, it took me ten minutes.  (Is that why Ron's family calls these "half-assed pies"?) Here's the recipe ... I used last weekend's fruit to make it.  It makes an even better breakfast than a nighttime dessert.  Btw: Use your leftover heavy cream and turn it into whipped cream right before serving.  Add 1 1/2 tsp. of sugar before turning on your whisk. (Give me a break: You think I would whip cream manually?)

Sunday was the rainiest day ever.  I ran over to the library to get a copy of Scarlett--I decided that I have to read it now that Laurie says I should.  Of course the library has two copies, one of which was due 6 weeks ago, but the other one was available ... until three days ago when someone else grabbed it.  So I wandered over to the "large type" shelf, and there it sat.  All 15 pounds of it. I'm not joking.  It was at least 1,000 pages long and it weighed at least as much as my 5lb hand weights in the basement.  Sorry, but even I have my limits.  Now I'm going to have to drive out to another branch to get it.  Not a big deal, but what are the odds that someone else in Southeastern PA wanted that book (in normal type) the same week as me?

So here comes Monday: Let the week begin. 


Linda C said...

Love the moon photo and the yarn tree! Hope to see more yarn-bombing in West Chester.

Tiff said...

That Friday night was a great time. I can't wait to do it again!