Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life between weekdays

After my mom and I left Longwood on Friday evening, we made plans to go to the farmer's market the next morning.  We had arrived late the previous Saturday, and many things were already picked over.  We resolved to go earlier this time, and somehow we stuck to our resolution.

I always arrive at this place on a mission, and then when I get there I realize that I don't have any plan whatsoever.  And the sheer volume of produce is so overwhelming that I think, "Oh nevermind--I'll just look at everything."  This time, I selected a bunch of stuff just to spite the sheer confusion created by mass volumes of vegetables.

In my bag when I left: two types of tomatoes, peppers, peaches, green beans, and a small cantaloupe.

The best part of the market, however, was the "Tea Lady" (not her real name, but that's what we call her).  I've tried her iced tea many times, but this time my mom and I tried her matcha chai latte and it was pretty damn amazing.  She's at most of the local markets in the area on various days in the month--she won't be in West Chester this coming Saturday, but I think I'll make a special trip to Kennett Square this Friday just for one of these lattes. (I hope she's there! I tend to have bad luck with these things.)

We left the market and walked up Church Street to the Women's Exchange.  To my disappointment, every single jewelry item that I had had my eye on for the past few months was gone.  (The longer the item sits in the store, the greater the discount when you buy it. Usually, it pays to wait ... sometimes even as long as three or four months.)  BUT, I did find a crocheted apron for $3.  It washed really well when I brought it home--I'll have to post a picture of it later.

We continued the walk all the way back to my house, which is sorta far but no big deal ... if you don't have 15 lbs of groceries on your shoulder.  (I started to regret my $1 mini cantaloupe at one point, but Fiddle-dee-dee as Scarlett would say.)  I don't know how far of walk it is from my house to the center of town, but I know that a round trip is 6000 steps on a pedometer.  I don't know if that's technically "far," but it feels near or far depending on the volume of produce that rests on one's shoulders. Once we were almost finished the walk and I officially could not feel my shoulders anymore, we stopped in Cottage Home just for the fun of it.

I love love love that Eiffel Tower purse on the right.
I love that this place is right around the corner from me.  The items turn over so quickly so everything is constantly changing.

After I unpacked all of my market bags, I got to work on more spray painting.  (I know Erin is proud.)  Here's something I should've been doing for many years, but only thought of this weekend: If you don't have a decorative pot to contain your plastic potted plant, just spray paint the offensive plastic pot.  DUH!  And to think I nearly went to Home Goods to find something for my new maidenhair fern.  I simply used my gold Buddha paint.

O Santa Chiara: please protect my maidenhair fern from plant eating demons ... ie, my cat, Penny.

I think it looks pretty good.  The fact is, I wanted something that was free so this will do the trick.

After trudging around town and around my house all day in a sweaty, nasty outfit, I finally got around to cleaning myself up so that we could out and meet up with our friends for Tiff's birthday. (Happy Birthday in advance Tiff!)

I honestly didn't mean to drink two mojitos (they were so good) and one and half shots of free Wild Turkey Honey, but it happened anyway and I was pretty wiped out when we got home.  (Not tired enough to avoid eating a huge bowl of popcorn with Ron and Leslie, but whatevs.  You know what I mean.)

Given those circumstances, it was pretty hilarious that I had promised Ron, "Oh yes: I will get up 'early' with you and go for a bike ride on Sunday morning."  Oh, so hilarious.

But I did it.  It was very slow going during my first two hours of consciousness Sunday morning, but we were off to the Chester Valley trail at a decent hour.  Sort of. 

It was completely worth it.

I love seeing long-forgotten stone houses and barns. They're everywhere in this area.

A path likes this makes me wish for a horse rather than a bike.

I'm surprised at all the green given how dry it's been.  I guess things have been holding up better than I thought.

I wish I had more places to ride my bike. I refuse to ride in traffic--I don't understand why people become temporarily neurotic and dangerously aggressive when they're driving, but I value my life too much to get on a bike and ride amongst psychos who are steering large machines on wheels.  Eh.  I'm too tired to lament this right now.

If it's not raining next Sunday, we plan to go back.

Let the craziness of the week begin ...

ps--Ladies, I changed around the settings for the comments. If you still can't post your comments, let me know!


Erin S said...

I am very excited that you have discovered the fun of spray paint! I will give you the same advice Tom gave me when I started walking around the house looking for things that would be better off painted... "Please don't paint the cat."

On another note... Is that trail as flat as it looks in your pictures? (In other words, would I die if I went there to run?)

Jo Harper said...

It's completely flat! I vaguely remember a slight incline near the Target at the far end of the trail. It's totally easy. The distance (9 or 10 miles round trip) will make up for any lack of incline.

Jess said...

Wow, I've never been to the Chester
County trail, but it looks gorgeous...Adding it to my forever increasing "to do" list.

Tiff said...

It's a month late but thanks for the birthday wishes!

Tiff said...

Me thanking you...not the wishes!! :)