Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crazy week

Just a note in passing: I have so much stuff going on here--a lot of last minute cramming before school starts next week. I may not get a chance to post anything decent until Weds. night or Thursday ...

Clearly, Penny does not feel the stress.

I suppose I can give a quick recap of the weekend:

1) It rained. A lot.

2) My mom discovered a new type of mold growing under her vinca that looks like chili peppers.  When it's not soaking wet, it stands up straight like red fingers growing out of the ground. It's one of the grossest things I've ever seen.  (Anyone know what this is??)

3) Leslie's friend Cary came to visit, and she came with us to the farmer's market. I have no idea why Leslie looks so distressed in these pictures while Cary looks so happy. It's the strangest juxtaposition I've ever seen.

Well, at least I'm a little bit caught up.  I think things will slow down a little bit on Thursday.  Looking forward to it ... but I don't want to catch myself wishing the week away!  I really don't like that.

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Linda C said...

Penny is so sweet!