Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Che bella giornata

After three and a half days of dense clouds and lots of rain (I think South Jersey is still trying to swim its way to the top), the sun has reappeared.

A big, glittery pool always reminds me of jewelry.  I want to buy a HUGE aquamarine and wear it on my hand where I can easily see it.

On days like this, I think to myself, "How do we make it through January and February without shriveling up and dying?"  Living through those months is a miracle.  I'm trying to suck as much energy out of the sun as I possibly can and store it up for the inevitable short and dark days that months away.

Her face hasn't changed since she's been seven.  She's gonna kill me when she reads this caption.

Of course, choosing to store solar energy in one's body can result in a sunburn on one's back.  Even if one is half Italian.

But, I'm not complaining.


Laurie said...

is that lady in the background the pool lady who is always swimming and creating waves? haha. PS - I have been reading your blog and love it!!

Linda C said...

Ahhhh... nothing like nice, clean, blue, refreshing pool water on a hot summer day. The beach is great too, but the pool (chlorine smell and all) definitely holds it own when it comes to summer fun and relaxation!

Jo Harper said...

Yup, that's the Lap Lady. She seriously was at it for nearly three hours that day. Pretty incredible. I can't believe you noticed her! ;)