Saturday, August 6, 2011

August summer day at Longwood

There's a difference between July-summer and August-summer. Typically, July-summer is ... how do I want to say? ... green? young? not-tired? "Not-tired" is it. August-summer, I personally would argue, is tired. I remember August being much hotter than July (July has been as hot as August in recent years), and you can count on things to start looking slightly fried around the edges during this month: I'm talking about everything from the leaves on the trees, to the average girl's tan lines, to the same average girl's exhausted summer hair.

Typically, my mom and I never go to Longwood during this month. Usually, we'll go closer to Labor Day but not this early. However, today seemed shockingly gorgeous so we headed over there with the assumption that we would sweat to death anyway and may not make it out alive.

Not only did we make it out alive, it was breezy--it felt like a real summer evening outside, rather than a sweatbox trapped in a heat dome.

I re-included some pictures from April just to compare how things have changed over the season.  (I actually haven't been back since this day in April.) I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite season at Longwood--spring is so refreshing after the grey death that is winter, but there's definitely something about the slightly fried oranges and reds of late-ish summer that's really nice too.

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