Friday, July 8, 2011

What I did this week

It seemed like a busy week ... I go to bed tired every night, so that must mean something? Anyway, remember those zucchini I bought last week at the Kennett Farmer's market?  I did make it a point to do something with them, although I didn't manage to eat all of the beets--I should've given some to my mom and sister, but I just didn't think about it.  So the first thing I made were the zucchini pancakes.

I used this recipe, but I added a potato and used my food processor to grate everything (rather than a freakin box grater which TOTALLY destroyed my nails last time).  Don't forget to squeeze the water out of everything (even though Ina doesn't mention it)--I think this is why they weren't as soggy as last time.  They were great for dinner, but they would actually make a perfect breakfast food.  The next day, I made zucchini bread. I didn't have a recipe for this, so I randomly chose this one and added 1/2 cup of craisins and 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and accidentally forgot about the walnuts.  It's pretty good.  I may pick a different recipe next time ...

"Why is there a big freakin hole in the center?" you may ask.  Well, whenever I make ANYTHING in my loaf pan, the recipe usually needs one hour in the oven.  EVERY TIME, I open the oven at the 60 minute mark and it always looks perfectly done ... but then I stick the damn skewer in the center and it's always LIQUID.  This time, instead of just making a small hole in the top, I accidentally pushed the whole top into the molten center. Great.  So I added 12 minutes to the timer and it finally finished at that point.  The mystifying thing about zucchini bread is that nothing about it tastes like zucchini. At all.  What's with that?

So those were my adventures in cooking/baking for the week.

I finally made a tablecloth for the table on the back deck.

I bought some outdoor canvas at Joann Fabric a few weeks ago.  Naturally, I picked out something turquoise. With birds on it.  (If you've ever eaten a meal at my house, you know about my obsession with these things.)  Much like baking things in loaf pans, nothing ever gets sewn correctly the first time in this house (Molly's apron being the big exception).

Love my big fishy that momma gave me for my bday last summer.  Grow, mint, grow!
This time, all I had to do was a simple "hem" with mitered corners. Oh God help me.  The first time I needed to do mitered corners, I pretty much nailed them (I was making napkins, so there were a lot of corners).  But ever since that first project, I just haven't been able to get them so right.  The corners didn't turn out too badly here, but I had to rip out the first twelve inches of finished edging once, and technically I should've ripped it out a second time, but I was beyond fed up and I steamrolled right down the other three sides.  Turns out it was bobbin trouble--I managed to fix it, but I hope no one notices those troubled twelve inches ...

I'm pleased in the end.

At least the tomato plants and the herbs have taken off.  I wish the San Marzano plant was doing a little better, but the tomatoes that are on there are turning out nicely.

This little guy had no idea that he would wind up in a frittata hours after this photo was taken ...
Today, Ron took a half day and we went back to the Kennett Farmer's Market.  It was pretty empty because it actually rained today.  It was almost weird, it's been so long since it actually rained for real. After we bought a bunch of stuff for tonight's dinner, we stopped at Talula's Table to check out the pastry case.

We (let's be honest: I) settled on a cream puff and a s'mores rice krispy treat.  The cream puff was soooo good.  I'm so used to those nasty little things that get mixed into supermarket cookie trays--so gross.  I only touch them out of desperation.  But, THIS was different.

I think I enjoyed the rice krispy treat just a little bit more.  It's such a cute place in there. I loved that they had a Carl Larsson painting on the wall.

"Breakfast Under the Big Birch Tree" via here

See the painting in the center of the wall?  I really want my own now.
We made our way home, and Ron made spicy corn salad with craisins and edamame, grilled peppers and onions, and steak from the Country Butcher.  It's still pretty rainy out there, but things improved enough for outdoor cooking. Something tells me that we're probably not going anywhere tonight.  Tomorrow is the Iron Hill Twilight Crit ... I hope to get some good pictures, but we'll see ...


Erin S said...

Apparently this is another one of your secret posts that don't show up in Google Reader. Anyway, I had to laugh when I read it because I literally just made zucchini bread a few hours ago with zucchinis from Tom's aunt. I used the recipe below. It was the first one that came up on Google. (I was too lazy to click on another website.) Plus, I figured you can't go wrong with anything from Paula Deen. Indeed, it was very good!

Jo Harper said...

OMG!! I wrote myself a note to use Paula's next time because it looked so rich and wonderful--I didn't feel like using 4 eggs so I skipped it. How was it??