Monday, July 18, 2011

U2 in Philly

I was one of 70,000+ lucky people to see U2 last week, but it's literally taken days for the whole experience to sink in ... there's no way I could've said anything competent about hearing all (ALL) of my favorite songs sung live by the greatest living man on the planet on (what happened to be) The Most Beautiful Night of the Entire Summer So Far.  Ask anybody there--sober or totally bombed--and they'll tell you: "Dude, you don't get a more beautiful day* than this or a better band than this." Really, what else can I say?

* it wouldn't matter who you're talking to, the pun would be completely intended.

(Before I forget, you can go here--scroll down--to find our set list.)

(Also, really great pictures here.)

We bought these tickets nearly two years ago.  Ron and I met up with Leslie in Philly, and Leslie's friend Jen was also in attendance but, alas, not sitting with us. 

We were all placing bets on the opening song. Jen and I were totally, totally convinced that it would be Magnificent, but we were both wrong. That being said, it was a complete surprise to hear the show open with Even Better Than the Real Thing. And, that being said, I think Magnificent ended up being my most fave song of the entire night. We all picked one favorite that we HAD to hear that night: Leslie picked Walk On with Streets as a close second (excellent choices, and her wishes were granted); I picked Elevation but wished for Kite, even though I knew I wouldn't get Kite (bingo on both counts); I'm pretty sure I remember Jen wishing for City of Blinding Lights (a third wish granted!) because "you can think to yourself, 'Oh, Bono thinks that this IS THE CITY of Blinding Lights ... even though that's what everyone else in every other city thinks too."  Being the jerk that I am, I completely forget what Ron wished for ... why can't I remember? I want to say Beautiful Day (*ding ding ding!*).

Leslie still can't get over that Bono sung out Septa stops while greeting us at the beginning of the show: "69th Street Terminal! Fern Rock! 30th.Street.STATION!!!"  If you didn't love that man before, you have to love him now.  Seriously, what multi-millionaire remotely gives a crap about SIXTY-NINTH STREET?

Answer: Bono.

Leslie made her shirt years ago for the Vertigo tour--it says "the goal is soul" on the back ... if you know the song Elevation, this makes sense to you.

Everyone in Philly has been talking nonstop about the stage for this show.  It was massive.  It feels dumb even trying to talk about it because it was so complicated and did so many different things at once that it's hard to summarize all it could do. I won't even try.  I think I was the only person there not recording the show on a smart phone, so there has to be footage somewhere on YouTube or on

Waiting and waiting for the show to start ...

Insanity in all of its splendor.

The spell is broken.
I'm sitting here thinking, "What should I say next?" But I have no idea what to say next.  The other night I said to someone that halfway through the show I checked-in with myself and asked, "So how is this so far?" And I heard myself answer, "I think this is what church must feel like.  I guess when people say that they 'love to go to church' this is the feeling that they must have when they're there.  I've never actually had this feeling in a church, but I know that I have that feeling here."  So I concluded that I go to church approximately every five years when Bono comes to town.

I'm already a pretty poor example of what it means to be a Catholic, so I don't think I'm making or breaking any part of my fate here.  But, when you hear SEVENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE singing the words to One with Bono helping out, you know you're experiencing something holy even though you're not in an actual place of worship.

Ok, I'll stop now.

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