Friday, July 1, 2011

Mulligan in the big city

Ok, so West Chester is not really a big city. But, if you're a dog and stuff like weird trashcans and awnings sorta freak you out, then West Chester is a big city. My friend Joan is back from her professional hometown of Nashville and she brought her one year old puppy Mulligan out to WC for the day.  I've been hearing about Mulligan for months and months and had not officially met him.  He is adorable and so well trained! 

Naturally, the Fluffs took off upstairs when Mulligan bounded in.

He doesn't always like taking orders from Momma, but he listens : )  You should see all the tricks he can do.

He's not a big fan of riding in the car ...

Joan and I walked with Mulligan to the center of town to get some lunch at Iron Hill.  The first part of the walk through the quiet residential area was easy.  As we approached the busier business section, Mulligan started to get a little nervous.  I didn't realize how loud traffic is here until I realized how much it could scare a 75lb creature with a big bark.

So mad that the camera did  pick up the right shade of blue here!  They appear dark purple here, but in actuality they were almost a navy blue--hate it when that happens.

"Is it just me, or is this place slightly insane?  Is it just me?"

I always thought there was nothing like a girl and her cat, but I supposed there's also nothing like a girl and her dog.

Again, wrong color. Don't know why these show up purple instead of blue.

We sat at our outdoor table at Iron Hill for quite some time.  It was a perfect summer day ... even though five police cars, three ambulances, and four other emergency vehicles ran by us with screaming sirens at various points during that time.  Mulligan wasn't pleased with all of the noise, but he didn't freak out at all.

I'm so glad Joan brought Mulligan to meet us!  I have to say, I didn't realize the sheer volume of work and effort it takes to have a good dog.  Joan is constantly correcting Mulligan's behavior.  When he makes a mistake, she patiently waits for him to get it right.  It's completely amazing and also hilarious because I kept thinking, "hmmm, I wonder would happen if I tried to teach my cats sign language for 'Sit' or 'Wait' or 'Speak?'"  Answer: NOTHING!  But, at least Mulligan is a good listener.  What a good boy!

In other news, we are FINALLY getting a retractable awning installed over our back deck today.  The sun burns so intensely through our kitchen windows during the last half of the day, and during the summer it's unbearable.

The sun looks really soft and pretty here, but on a 95 degree day the AC literally runs nonstop from 3pm-9pm until the sun is finally GONE.  Hopefully, this will put an end to that.  The guys just arrived, so fingers crossed ...!

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