Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's so damn hot

The only reason why I don't complain more is because I've come to despise blizzards and snow over the years.  So I guess this is the alternative, and I really shouldn't complain.

And, nothing grows during the winter--everything's dead.  So I guess I really, really shouldn't complain.

And I don't have the white bedspread out during the winter, which I really love because it's so summery.  So, I guess I really just shouldn't complain.

Plus, it makes sense to eat popsicles during the summer, but not the winter. And sometimes I really want a popsicle during the winter, but it's not worth it because then it's so damn cold.

I think the heat is supposed to break tonight? I'll just be grateful for my air conditioning and try not to complain.

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