Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dinner at the in-laws

Last night, I drove over to my in-laws for dinner.  It doesn't matter what they cook: everything is always fabulous.  My favorite, favorite thing last night was the panzanella salad. OMG.

Basically, panzanella is salad that includes toasted bread ("pane").  You may think that toasted bread = croutons, and that's sorta true, but I'm not talking about the croutons you buy in the resealable pack at the supermarket.  (They're not bad--I've inhaled mass quantities of them, but they're not the same.)  My mother-in-law used this recipe for the panzanella and this recipe for the dressing that everything soaks in.  She also substituted mozzarella cheese for the feta, and I think I do like it better this way. Between the olives and the dressing, I think it would've been too much salt.  The panzanella could be a meal in itself, but we also had grilled london broil and orzo to go with it.

It wasn't crazy freakin hot for a change so we could actually sit out back on the patio.  Isn't their backyard great?  My sister-in-law did some of her wedding pictures back here last September and there's no doubt that they're probably among the best taken that day.

For dessert, we had grilled banana and nutella sandwiches. (Scroll down here for the recipe.)  My father-in-law was seriously skeptical about putting these on the grill, but after enough cajoling from his wife he gave in and the results were really fantastic.

It was a fabulous dinner last night, and the panzanella was just as good today.  The bread held up remarkably well.

Thanks Ron and Joanne ; )

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Linda C said...

Looks like a lovely evening at the in-laws!