Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baltimore wedding

It seemed that moments after the awning arrived and the beets were out of the oven, we were off to our third and final wedding of the year in Baltimore.  It was a beautiful event--one of the loveliest parties I've been too.  It was also a daytime event, which was pretty refreshing.  Evening weddings are great, but there's something about enjoying all of the details while the sun is still up that's very nice.

Best of all, everything (our hotel, the church, the reception) was very centrally located.  We arrived in town around 11am, dropped all of our bags in our room, and began walking to the church around 11:30.  We walked right past the reception location and saw another bride taking pictures with her bridesmaids out front. I should have realized--based on the colors of the wedding party--that this other bride was OUR bride.  (We know Bryan really well, but we hadn't met Casey before.)  All of the wedding save-the-dates and invites were kelly green and hot pink ... so the bridesmaids in kelly green cocktail dresses with hot pink shoes should have been a hint as we walked by.  The photographer was actually taking a shoe shot when we passed: all of the girls had selected their own choice of hot pink shoe (one better than the next) and the bride had her own pink shoes which I recognized RIGHT away:

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Seriously, ladies: does it get better than Kate Spade glittery heels? Ordinarily, no. In this case, yes.

The ceremony took place in a really beautiful church.  You always know you're in a gorgeous church when the windows prevent decent light for non-flash picture taking.  Or at least that's my standard.  So everything blurs, but the alternative (a flash) would be no good.

I thought the whole effect was very summery.  When the vows had been said, everyone walked three blocks back to the reception--it was probably 1pm at this point, and the weather was really beautiful--everyone lucked out!

I thought these sisters looked fabulous--I want that blue dress for myself.

This is the front entry hall for The Engineer's Club on Mt. Vernon Square.  What can I say? It was incredible.

We enjoyed the cocktail hour in this gorgeous enclosed space that really felt like we were outdoors.

The dining room reminded me of a pink version of the music room in the conservatories at Longwood.

The cupcakes were amazing--the frosting = perfection. I should add that we had brunch before cupcakes: everyone enjoyed omelets, potatoes, salmon, and bagels, and the waffles shared a table with HUGE bowls of berries and whipped cream.

Emma and her sister Ava Kate sat our table.

The party wrapped up around 530pm, and Ron and I wandered back to the hotel.

Bryan and Casey's car sat out front, complete with decoration added by their family.  Since it was still early, Ron and I decided to walk down to the inner-harbor.

The last (and only other) time I was here was a few days after Christmas in 2007 and it was pretty deserted.  This weekend was packed--I guess everyone was in town for the fourth of July.

I guess that looks promising?

Ron observed, "All of the dads are doing all of the work."
We walked around for quite some time. It was so loud and crowded that I felt nearly claustrophobic by the time we decided to go back to the hotel.  It was still only 8pm when we returned, but we were both EXHAUSTED. We both passed out by 10pm and woke up bright and early to head home to the Fluffs.

So tonight we have a barbecue at Ron's parents' house--despite the (approximate) 30 ounces of coffee I've consumed today I can tell that tonight will be an early night too.  At least no one has to go to work tomorrow.

Happy 4th!

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