Friday, June 3, 2011

Swingin Thursday--Summer is here!

After a week of truly absurd August weather (in May!), we had our first truly gorgeous day since--I think--commencement day on 5/12.  Of course, I tried to spend the greater portion of the day outside.  Mom and I went over to Terrain later in the day--it's nice that it empties out a little in the middle of the week.  It was one of those nice days where it's warm and you don't quite question walking around with a cardi, just in case.

Everything was reminding me of California--the sun, the air, the shadows, the greeness of everything.  So Napa-esque.

I wish the vintagey lights strung above had been lit--I love those. I really want some for my back deck, but the logistics of getting them to look good without taking extreme measures to get them "just so" may be a bit much. So, I enjoy them where I can.

I love love love Simon Pearce, and that's one of my favorite shades of green--good for every season.

After we walked around Terrain for a while, my mom had to head home and I had to figure out what Ron and I were going to do for dinner.  We had plenty of Joan's Wicked Vegan Chili in the fridge (I'll have to post the recipe later--it's pretty amazing), but it was just so nice I thought we should go into West Chester to see what was going on. Besides, I was having an amazing hair day--no sense in wasting it around the house.

I didn't put two and two together before we left the house. But, I should have remembered that it was the FIRST THURSDAY OF JUNE ... it's the first Swingin Thursday of 2011!  It was probably the happiest coincidence of the past month, mostly because we found a place to park so that we could enjoy it.  Most of Gay Street was completely closed, and it was packed with people.

Dinner was easy: soft pretzels.  What's better than salted bread for dinner? Not much.  Except for cake.  But, the cupcake truck was swamped and quickly sold out of its wares.  Pretzels are not a bad alternative.

We walked around for nearly two hours and bumped into a bunch of people we knew.  I stopped into Starbucks for Dessert Part I--I settled on a salted caramel square.  Lovely.  I almost went with the birthday cake pop, but I changed my mind. I think the new petite desserts at Starbucks are one of the best things that have happened to me in 2011.  I wish I was joking, but I do love me my dessert.

Some poor guy lost his pants--I've seen deserted shoes on the street before, but pants are a new one.

Then it was time for Dessert Part II. There are a bunch of ice cream/frozen yogurt/gelato places in WC, and we still haven't tried all of them yet. We walked down High Street to Scooped (not to be confused with West Chester Scoops on Darlington Street--sorta confusing but just as nice), ran into one of my sister's friends, and then attempted to make a decision about ice cream flavors.  Ron's easy: "Chocolate."  I agonize over new flavors and then get one of three flavors that I always end up picking. This time it was coconut ice cream (typical) with lime mojito sorbet (new).  More loveliness.

One of the best summer days a girl could ask for.  We have a BBQ tomorrow night at a friend's house and then a free day on Sunday.  I'll have to remind myself to post about 1) Joan's chili  2) the ricotta cake cookies I just baked (I need to run out and get the stuff for the icing) and 3) the new cabinets Ron has been building.




Linda C said...

Glad you enjoyed swingin Thursdays... I was stuck in the traffic jam caused by swingin Thursday street closures!

Jo Harper said...

Geez Angry Cat Lady, Esq.: You better change your tone or you won't be getting any cookies at all!