Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy weekend

This wasn't a weekend for sitting around, that's for sure.  Unfortunately, I didn't photograph most of what we did.  On Friday, Ron took a half day and came home from work early.  We sent out last minute notice that our friends were welcome to start their weekend at our house Friday night, and almost everyone stopped by. We polished off nearly three pizzas, a big ole bottle of wine (the girls), and what had to be 50 beers (the boys--don't worry, it was a biggish crowd).  On Saturday, we were going to Jesse and Jake's big, gorgeous house for a BBQ and I had offered to bring a dessert. I wanted to make this lemony thing that I had made for 4th of July last summer, and I did ... but the damn thing did NOT set up right and I'm pretty sure it's the jello's fault.  (I'm sure I'll be making this again for 4th of July next month, so I'll post a picture and the recipe there.)  Jesse said it was great, but I had some at her house and it just wasn't the way I remembered it. I'm determined to get it right next time.  Jesse lucked out with great weather--warm, but it never rained even though it did look threatening throughout the day.

Wouldn't it be great to have a big backyard like Jesse?  Then again, if you own a Burmese mountain dog ...

... like Bandit here, then it's not really an option! Can I tell you how much I love Bandit? He's HUGE--the biggest creature I've met who's NOT a pony.  Ron loves Bandit--every time Bandit crosses my mind, I think to myself, "I have to get that boy a dog." But, then I remember our lack of backyard, and I'm back to square one.

And no Jesse party is complete without an appearance from her little brother.  I've known Marshall since he's been six, so it's a little weird to me that he's nearly TWENTY FIVE.  Craziness.

On Sunday, Ron and I went into West Chester with Erin and Tom for Super Sunday ... but I didn't take any pictures because they all would've been repeats of Swingin Thursday.  Now that I think of it, I SHOULD have taken pictures of a) the shrimp corndogs and bread pudding that Ron and I tried at Gilmore's stand and b) THE FOUR OF US, especially because Erin and I were in our Sunday finest with perfect hair-days. There are just some days I don't feel like raising my camera to my face. What can I say?

And, I just have to add this--even though it's the against the policy of this blog--because I think it's hilarious: I'm teaching a six week summer course in Intro Philosophy, and this week we're starting the topic of Freedom vs. Determinism, i.e., "Do we have free will? Or not?"  In my attempt to preview the libertarian position, I said at one point, "For example, why are all of you sitting quietly in your seats? What's stopping you from running around, doing cartwheels, and screaming?  You are CHOOSING to sit quietly, one would argue.  But you could change your minds five minutes from now--nothing's stopping you."  A few minutes later, I gave the class a 10 minute break.  After we resumed class, I noticed that a student was missing--none of her belongings were at her seat anymore.  I will simply offer at this point that this particular student has not been mentally present in our class at all this summer.  She is physically THERE, but she's NOT THERE if you know what I mean. So I asked, "Did so-in-so LEAVE? Or is she just late?"  And, another student said, "ummmmm ... uhhhhhhhhhhh ... yeah, I saw her get in her car and leave. So, I guess she ... left?"  There was this weird pause and we all broke up laughing.  Of course, someone said at this point, "I guess she took your lecture to heart?  Why stay if she could choose to leave?" And we all laughed HARDER.  I don't know why it was so funny--it's my first official walkout from a student who's clearly not green in the face/feverish/ill.  But oh well.  Maybe she IS listening to the classroom conversation??

Anyway, we're getting an estimate for a deck awning tomorrow (PLEASE GOD--I love the sun in my back windows, but not so intensely for so many hours of the day!). And hopefully my new chair will FINALLY arrive!  Oh, and for the record because she said it was ok:

You can't hear all of us dying laughing, but trust me: We are!

There's Leslie crashing through my chair!

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Linda C said...

Oh my... Jesse's home is lovely and she has such a huge, kind, heart when it comes to her pets!