Saturday, June 11, 2011

Atlantic City Wedding

The end of this week has been crazy.  I taught most of the day on Wednesday and then came home and had to do last minute prep for a conference the next day.  Thursday was spent going to papers, reading a paper, and denying the fact that I was fighting a cold.  When Friday rolled around, I briefly enjoyed the new chair I bought to replace the one that Leslie broke before frantically packing my bags for out of town wedding.  Luckily, shore traffic wasn't bad in the early afternoon, and we had plenty of time to get ready for Molly and Dan's wedding.

I've known Dan forever--we grew up in the same neighborhood.  I used to babysit his little sister, and Dan hung out with Ron before Ron and I even dated.  Meanwhile, Molly went to college with a bunch of our other friends. They introduced Molly to Dan, and the rest is basically history.  (This synopsis is probably not entirely accurate, but it's as brief as I can make it.)

I love me some cake! This one was pretty AND tasted great for breakfast the next morning (lemon cake with raspberry filling).

They picked Atlantic City for their wedding locale. I had never been (even though I've lived in Philly my whole life--sad but true), so it was the perfect excuse to go for the first time.  Their event took place above the ocean (quite literally) in a gorgeous glassed-in room above The Pier at Caesars.  The ceremony was actually outdoors shortly before the sun went down.

The view from inside the reception.

It was a fun night for me because it was a small reunion of sorts.  Besides Dan, there were two other Boys Next Door who I saw nearly everyday growing up.  Evan moved away at the end of 10th grade, and Josh's family sold their house after he left for college.  I haven't seen them in forever.

Evan (L) and Josh--note the boutonnieres

I rode the school bus with these guys for years.  Ron, Dan, and Evan were all in the band together while Josh and I chose to be orchestra nerds. (Who am I kidding? I was the nerd!) It's always so strange to me that you can go from seeing someone everyday to hardly ever seeing them at all. Perhaps this is a good thing with some people, but I always wonder about how these guys are doing.  Fortunately, everyone is doing well and we're all scattered around the country now.  As usual, I'm the one in the group holding down the fort in our home town.

Molly's dress was so pretty, and I loved all the boys in beige suits.  It was a pretty long night--things got under way around 6pm, and I remember seeing "1:31" on the clock before I closed my eyes for the night. Apparently, most of our crowd didn't bother walking back to their rooms until 3am.

Everything was a blur by the end of the night (perhaps more or less for some people).  We were back on the AC Expressway and heading home by 8:30 the next morning.  Weddings always go too fast--it's undoubtedly a universal law.

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