Thursday, May 26, 2011


The peonies are here!  I wait 51 weeks every year for THIS week.  Three years ago, I bought a peony plant on a whim and plunked it out front in place of a sad looking purply chrysanthemum.  I was only too happy to yank that sucker out and replace it with something I hoped would be less pathetic and more pretty.  Each year, this peony has doubled in size--this year, it's officially to the point that it looks a little too full and too big in our tiny, miniscule planting area.  When I bought this plant, I couldn't really tell what color the blooms would be--I was hoping for pale pink or bright pink, but not white.  I lucked out, and each year I have peony bush full of large blush pink blooms.  Blooming week is here, 51 weeks in the making! Gotta love that.

I have a whole bunch lined up on the window sill above my kitchen sink.  I love the way this shade of pink complements almost any shade of blue ...

... and nearly any shade of green.  I don't really have any vases. I mostly use empty jam jars and small drinking glasses for cut flowers.

I brought these over to my mom's house and she picked this green footed vessel for hers.  She also used one of those wire flower arranger-things (I'm sure these have a technical name?) to keep the blooms in place.  I have nearly 40 stems all over my house in various glasses, and all of the blossoms are just starting to slightly wilt. I'm doing what I can to re-cut the stems and replace the water, but it's always hard to accept the ephemerality of these things. I guess it's that characteristic that makes flowers flowers.

It's also blowing my mind right now that it's 4:20pm on a weekday and Oprah is NOT on.  It's like living in bizarro world or something.

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Linda C said...

The Peonies definitely look prettier in blue vessels. So delicate and beautiful.