Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Pillow

On Thursday night, I thought it would be a good idea to start my mom's gift for Mother's Day.  This project began during the first week of March: My mom visited this huge consignment shop in Frazer, and she told me she found a beautiful piece of embroidery, but it was framed in this ugly frame and just sitting in a corner of this massive store. So the very next day I went to the store and walked all around the place until I found it.  I brought it home, Ron broke it out of the super cheap plastic frame and I set it aside to turn it into a pillow.  My mom had said that she was really only interested in the bottom portion of the work (sorry in advance for the lousy flash pictures--I took all of these really late at night):

It's really, really lovely ... so I felt a little bad cutting it in half with scissors. BUT the fact is that some old lady spent a year or more working on this and her ungrateful kids put it in a hideous ugly frame and later gave it away to a freakin consignment shop for some stranger to buy it. I knew when I was finished with it, it would finally be getting the respect it deserved.

Sometimes it's really hard with fringe.  In this picture it was 1am or 130am, and I was just PRAYING that when I flipped the thing inside out, my work would be perfect.

Here we go ...

Voila'! taa daa!!!!  Perfection. Doesn't happen often in this house.  I have to say, my mom's a pretty reserved person and she sorta freaked out when she pulled the pillow out of its gift bag.  It turns out that she had almost gone back to buy the embroidery several times. I didn't throw out the top half of this piece.  I think I may turn that into a pillow too, but I'm not sure.

In other news, Ron and I put together a brunch for my mom--his mom is coming over for dinner later today.  The brunch was pretty easy--I baked a raspberry cake the night before, and Ron made a spinach and potato frittata. The cake was actually Ina's recipe for peach cake, but I substituted frozen raspberries for the peaches:

It's really, really easy and perfect with coffee. I can't wait for actual peaches and raspberries to be in season so I can use fresh instead of frozen.

Pearl hid upstairs most of the morning and ignored everybody, but Penny hung out with us the whole morning. Of course the highlight of her day was fresh wrapping paper to sleep and play in. (It's sort of like giving a giant box to a little kid.)

And then she slept on my lap for nearly an hour because she was so wiped out--her nap schedule had been wrecked for the entire day.  (Bear in mind: my cats sleep on average 20-22 hours per day.) She's really not that different from a three-year-old.

All in all, I would say that it was a perfect Mother's Day morning.  Happy Mother's Day, mom! I love you!

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Erin S said...

The pillow you made is beautiful! What a creative use for a sampler. Your mother is very lucky! I hope all went well with dinner tonight too :)