Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Molly's apron

Last Saturday, my friend Molly enjoyed a surprise bridal shower. It turns out that I was unable to go, but I managed to finish her gift on time anyway.  I bought some fabric many months ago with Molly in mind: Many Fridays during the summer, we drive over to Kennett Square to go the Friday afternoon farmers (farmers'? farmer's?) market with Molly and her fiance Dan. (Technically, I knew Dan before Molly--Dan and I grew up in the same neighborhood.)  Molly's FAVORITE thing to buy at the market is farm fresh eggs.  She talks about them non-stop. I still haven't bought any despite her insistence.  Maybe I need to do that this summer. So here's the fabric I bought:

I knew I wanted to use it to make an apron, and I waited (of course) until the night before the shower to start it. To my surprise, I took me about two hours which isn't too bad.  You're supposed to use two inch wide grosgrain ribbon for the waist tie, and I did buy satin ribbon, but I ended up making my own ribbon out of the fabric itself.  I just wasn't crazy about using the satin ribbon for this.  Leslie modeled the final product for me.

Feeling a bit inspired by Mad Men, she's holding both a tea pot and a bottle of tequila.  (WWBDD? What Would Betty Draper Do?)  Can you see the detailing along the bottom?  The fringe was my own touch. There's supposed to be a pocket, but I left that out this time.

Awful picture--the white of the details is washed out by the flash.

 I had just enough pom pom fringe--I had maybe three inches left over. The rick rack was used at the last minute--I had it sitting around with my extra fabrics and thought it might be a nice touch.

You're supposed to ruffle the top of the apron, but pleating was the best I could do.  Not sure if there's too much of a difference.  Also note: Leslie took time to simultaneously model the shoes I bought for Commencement on Thursday:

Less than $20 (the shoes, that is). Can't beat it with a stick. So now I have to make my way over to Molly's house this week and drop off her apron and the rest of her gift.  I can't believe I got this right on the first try.  Do you know how that NEVER happens???

BTW, an update on the Mother's Day pillow: Erin's mom says, "The sampler you used for the pillow is called 'The Chase' sampler.  It was a reproduction stamped cross stitch kit from the 1970s.  My cousin actually made one back then, and I wanted to make one as well.  You can Google 'The Chase sampler' and find out more about it.  I see that one sold on ebay in February for $99.00!" Isn't that crazy?  Thanks Susie!

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L said...

WOW... the Hicks women know their stuff!!! I looked it up and sure enough the original was stitched by Mary Starker, age 11 in 1760. She lived in Newbury, New England. Apparently the kit to make it sells for nearly $100. Such a beautiful pillow.