Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I can honestly say it was a really nice and long weekend around here.  And it was hot!  I guess we're in for the same summer as last year: 95 degrees and humid all day/everyday until the end of September.  Totally bizarre. And unnecessary.  Ron came home early on Friday, which (whether or not he believes it) pleases the Fluffs very much.

 Despite the crazy heat, we managed to lounge around quite a bit--the Fluffs are so pleased that it's warm enough to spend long hours on the back deck again. (Just in case you haven't caught on, most of this posting is about the Fluffs.)

Pearl loves my lounge chair almost as much as me.  She doesn't love it as much when Penny shares it with her, but she actually managed to tolerate sharing for nearly half an hour. An impressive record in this house.

Can you find Penny?

On Saturday, we finally managed to get all of our summer plants in their pots. We have two cherry tomatoes and one San Marzano tomato, and then the typical herbs you would find on any patio. I'm always shocked by how quickly this stuff takes off--I like to think it's because the back deck roasts during the day under the sun.  Maybe it's that Mediterranean-type solar infusion that gets all those little plants going?

Penny with the plant Ron gave me for Easter

On Monday night, Ron made pizzas on the new pizza stone for the grill (early anniversary gift from moi--I guess there's no point in waiting until late July for something that could be used all summer).  And you can see in that last photo that he made me a cranberry pink drink of some kind--very good.  The Fluffs and I are headed out back for our morning deck session, but I will not be using my lounge chair today ... the Fluffs won't be using it either:

Crummy photo taken from my upstairs window
My sister broke the chair!  omg, I laughed so hard: I'm basically the only person who uses this chair, so I'm very aware that the fabric had started to rip from the middle of the frame. There's basically ONE safe place for a person's rear end, and Leslie had sat down on the very bottom of the chair (not it). When I told her "No no no! You need to move back--" BAM--she fell right through before I could say, "You need to GET UP and move back here." Luckily, the pizza slices that flew up in the air and landed on her shirt didn't stain ... and she didn't get hurt either. Of course I have a photo of the whole incident, but she made me swear it wouldn't show up here!

So now I'm off to Kmart to buy a new one!  Isn't it great that it feels like Monday, but really it's TUESDAY??

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Linda C said...

The Fluffs are such nice kitty cats! Perhaps your sister will reconsider and allow the photo to appear in the blog???!!!