Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Pearly Girly!

My oldest furry child turns three today.  I can't believe Pearl is three, because if Pearl is three then that means that Ron and I have been married almost three years.

Ron and I bumped into Pearl sort of unexpectedly.  My childhood cat, Bamboo, passed away on July 15th right before I was supposed to get married. A few days after Bamboo was gone, Ron and I were sitting around my mom's kitchen table and my mom saw an ad for a kitten in the paper. The kitten was a ragdoll, and I had been interested in ragdolls since people with bad allergies tend to do well with them.  We called the number in the ad, and an hour later we were driving to this little old lady's house twenty minutes away.  Apparently this lone kitten had had siblings, but she was the last one picked out of the bunch.  It was an easy decision: She would be our first cat!  Our wedding took place the following Saturday, we went on our honeymoon, and after barely opening our eyes our first morning back we called to ask if we could pick up the kitten.  What's better than throwing a big party and then going on a great vacation? Doing all that AND bringing home a kitten!

August 2008

August 2008--"What a cute little nugget!" as my friend Annie said.

Today (someone's not pleased)
As it turns out, my husband is no more or less allergic to ragdolls than other cats. Oh well.  But we have two because Pearl always looked so devastated when I would leave for work. So I decided she needed a sister, and it was the following summer that we brought Penny (her actual sister) home.  What would we do without the Fluffs? I don't even want to think about a world (or a house) without Fluffs!

Happy Birthday Prr Grr!!

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Linda C said...

Of course Prrr Grrr is not pleased. You would not be too pleased if you had to wear that silly crown. I hope Pearl receives some extra special treats!