Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The end of the tulips

Last Friday, my sister and I took a quick walk through Longwood's tulips because we knew they were nearing the end. I had already seen them, but she hadn't.  It did rain a little, but it made for good outdoor lighting.

You can see the bright tulips all the way in the background.

It's great to go to Longwood more than once in a month because you notice so many different things each time, even in the same display.

I didn't notice these super preppy pink and green ladies last time.  They're just fabulous.

My sister loved the orangey corals.  I know this is ridiculous, but when I really REALLY look at the colors in that photo, it just makes me think of candy.  And nailpolish. The colors complement each other so perfectly.  Truly, how many hours of planning does this take?

Wow, it's like every color of nailpolish you would ever want to own.  It's so remarkable.

And, you can't beat foxgloves.  They're so intricate and feminine. They always remind me of the Beatrix Potter movies that came out in the mid 90s.  Please tell me you know what I'm talking about?  These foxgloves were at least as tall as me.

I planted my own assortment of bulbs, many 20 in all, last fall.  I had no idea what would pop up this spring.  I knew I would get daffies and tulips, but I wasn't certain what colors everything would be.  Earlier this week, half of the blooms were officially dead and the remaining half I brought inside to enjoy. I knew the homeowner's association would be mulching this week, so I cut everything back in preparation. I love the color of these peachy coral tulips, and the pale pink are beautiful too.  Next up is my peony bush. I can't believe how huge it is this year--tons of buds all over it.  I'm expecting that to bloom in about two and half weeks, maybe earlier if it gets dramatically warmer overnight (I hope not).

In the meantime, Penny wasn't well today.

Penny's on the left
Not sure what's wrong with her, but I hope she's ok by tomorrow.

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L said...

Poor Penny - I do hope she is feeling better today. Who doesn't just love the Beatrix Potter DVD series? Simply lovely.