Tuesday, May 3, 2011

End of semester rush

I always look forward to spring and always forget that the end of April is usually a whirlwind--just like December, which is arguably worse because finals get combined with Christmas.  Classes ended last week and thank GOD I had the foresight to fill my last day of class with student presentations.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have had time to be obsessed with this:

Photo via here
My sister and I are obsessed. What can I say? We weren't around for Charles and Di, so now it's finally our generation's turn.  Just when we think we're finished gushing over Kate, we start gushing over Pippa again.  Anyway, the Royal Wedding set the tone for the whole weekend and I thought of little else the whole time.

It's still going to be a busy week: more stuff to grade (exams haven't even started yet ... they'll be the bulk of the end of the week), and wedding and baby shower gifts to prepare, and a Mother's Day gift that's been in the works for at least two months but is not yet finished.  I'll take pictures of them and get them posted for you to see.

Time to start my day ... the hours are going by WAY too fast this week ...

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L said...

Can't wait to see the Mother's Day gift that has taken weeks to prepare! Hmmm... what could it possibly be?