Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is wrong with this (these) picture(s)?

Ok, so I live in a small house and I only have two bedrooms to take care of--that's all. Only two.  The master bedroom is under control, but God help me with the back bedroom.  It has multiple purposes as a guest bedroom (who wants to sleep in a 25 year old twin bed? Who knows. Not me), office, closet, sewing room, craftroom, and library.  As a result, it's a train wreck. T-R-A-I-N-W-R-E-C-K.

The good news is that most of the drawers in the pictures below are cleaned out.  Many of them are empty or hold all of my yarn and paper items, stamps, etc. that I use to make cards.  The drawers are only manageable because I spent an ENTIRE day sorting out all the crap that used to be in these drawers.  Literally, everything got dumped on the floor and I had to sort through all of it. It was awful and yet glorious in that "Oh, thank God I threw up and just got it over with" kind of way.  But very disappointingly, the waves of nausea have officially returned.  Let me show you why:

I know--it's horrifying.  People live here.
(As I'm putting this together, I realize that the photos are small, but when I make them bigger it messes other stuff up. Bare with me--I'll figure it out.)
This is what I see when I walk into this room. It drives me crazy. I hate it.  

But wait! There's more:

Don't you want to do your work here?

Seriously, this is absurd.  This is where I grade papers and answer emails and supposedly maintain some semblance of a professional life.  For whatever reason, I hate looking at this and yet cannot motivate myself for five minutes to clean it up.

When I stack up 10,000 projects on top of my sewing machine (allegedly fun stuff), I feel less inclined to start working on them. Imagine that.

*Sigh*  The good news is that a chunk of this will be gone after Easter, but it's going to sit there in the meantime.  (Mom, do you want that crystal lamp?  I just don't have a place for it.  I'm giving it to SalVay if nobody wants it.)

So, here is the deal I'm making myself. All this crap has to be cleaned up by Sat, April 23. Mark and Dina are coming over for dinner, and this room has to be publicly acceptable--not because my guests care, but because I care.  I'm taking a stand. Against myself.  Anyway, if I tell you people about it, then I guess I have to do it.  I'll keep you posted.  There should be some good "After" photos.


Erin S said...

When I first read this post, I thought you said that a chunk of this WALL will be gone after Easter. So then I started wondering what renovations Ron had planned... Turns out I am just inserting random words into your sentences. Anyway, if it makes you feel better at least you have furniture in the room. My spare bedroom is just filled with boxes, seedlings for the garden (in order to keep the cat from eating them all), my overflow clothing, and other assorted things that have no home. No bedroom furniture even dares to enter. I am hoping to be inspired by your success :)

L said...

DEAR LORD... it should only take an hour or two to clean this clutter up and make the room presentable. Better to have a well used room than a perfect room that is NEVER used. I am just saying...

Joan Grassbaugh Forry said...

One of my current mottos: "Practice doing things you do not want to precisely because you do not want to do them."

In other words, clean up your room because you don't want to; *or* make it as messy as you possibly can because you can't bear for it to be a mess. (I might opt for the latter choice, just for kicks!)