Monday, April 11, 2011

This Is Erin's Fault.

I'm in red; Erin's wearing the veil

I'm a teacher, and so is my best friend (the girl with the red hair, above).  The major difference between us is that Erin has a really positive outlook on her everyday life and career, and I sorta don't.  One day (a cold/dreary/grey/typical-February day), I was seriously moaning and complaining about something ridiculous that happened in my classroom, basically making Erin regret even calling me in the first place.  At one point in this all-about-me conversation, Erin interrupts me and goes, "Why don't you start writing again? Soon?  No, soon. I would start writing again. Soon."  And then she asked me to put together a plan that would help me do this--perhaps a plan that would even include networking with other writers--and she would appreciate some deadlines too.  And I said, "hmmm, ok."  When you've just finished writing and defending a dissertation, the term "deadline" isn't so scary anymore.  (Actually, it's just annoying, but I can handle annoying.) Ok, so I forgot to write out A Plan and I never turned in my deadlines, but I think she knew that I would stick to this commitment.
And here it is.
So this is The Philosopher's Cupcake, because (oddly) some philosophers actually like sweet, nice things like cupcakes.  Furthermore, according to my mother, philosophers are probably in need of cupcakes more than most people.  If you know a philosopher really well, you probably know that this is true. (If you took any random PHI 101 course in college, you definitely know that this is true.  Wouldn't Descartes or Locke have been A LOT more fun if they had more access to cupcakes?  Well, maybe not.  But, reading The Meditations or Second Treatise of Government is a lot better with a cupcake.)
So, the point of this blog is to talk about anything except:
  1. School
  2. The book that I probably should have half-finished by now.
  3. Anything school related.
  4. Anything related to professional research.
  5. Anything that starts with, "You wouldn't believe what this student said to me. To my face. In my classroom."
Instead, I would much rather focus on stuff like:
  1. All the stuff I like to bake on the weekends (it was supposed to be vanilla cake with chocolate frosting this past weekend, but I had to put that on hold and save it for my dad's bday later this week).
  2. The stuff my husband so generously cooks for me when he's not working night shift.
  3. The stuff aforementioned husband builds for me when some corner of our little house is suddenly lacking/insufficient/generally annoying.
  4. The stuff I try to crochet for myself and other people (so far, I have missed one major deadline with a pale pink baby blanket--I'm hoping to make next month's deadline for a white one).
  5. The stuff I try to sew for myself and other people (I have two aprons planned for two brides-to-be ... deadlines seriously approaching now that I think about it).
  6. My amateur attempts at container gardening.
  7. All of the pictures that I take. I love taking pictures of the ordinary stuff that I see all of the time, and web albums are a good way of sharing them, but captions get in the way--maybe a blog is better for that?
  8. The non-philosophy books I actually have time to read. I'm paid pretty little as an adjunct, but what I don't get in $$ I make up for with time.  This semester, I'm truly understanding what a gift this is.
  9. I'm leaving a lot of stuff out, but that's ok. I'll think of it as I go.
So that's it. This is Erin's fault, and we'll see where this takes me.  Thanks Erin! (btw, sorry I didn't call you back two weeks ago.  I think I was asleep when you called.  Not a reason--just a bad excuse. I bet you call me after you read this.)


Jo Harper said...
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Jo Harper said...

Mom, this definitely works--select "google account" in the dropdown box and then sign in when prompted. It'll post your comment once you sign in.

L said...

I have a few things to add to your list... 1)make time for your Mother, 2) Be sure to bake your sister some cupcakes, 3) set aside Saturday mornings for a walk and Farmers Market