Friday, April 15, 2011

Magnolia in bloom ...

This is one of my favorite times of year because the magnolias have finally bloomed.  My favorite place to see them is my alma mater's campus--when I was an undergrad, I would wait WEEKS for the buds to finally appear and then open.  When they finally did open, it meant the semester was nearly over (which also meant that finals were around the corner).

I still work near my old school, and on Wednesday I made a mental note to bring my camera with me when I came back on Friday.  I had every intention of taking new pictures on campus ...

Of course, I forgot the camera. And it was a beautiful day here.  I DID have my point and shoot in my purse, which is good enough.  But also not good enough.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to pour rain all day with lots of wind.  And Sunday will be nicer, but still windy.  So by the time I get back on there in the middle of next week, odds are most of what I want to see will be gone.

So these photos from April 2006 will just have to do for now.  The good thing is that we have a ton of flowering trees in our neighborhood, so I'm not completely missing out.

On a completely separate note, Ron made ravioli for dinner.

I feel like Nigella would look a them and coo, "Such precious little babies" (before dumping them all into a screaming hot pot of boiling water).

Looks like a lot.

But we ate them all.  We're pretty sure that this will be dinner next weekend with Mark and Dina.  I want to do a big salad with it, and Ron wants to do a vegetable, but I'm not feelin the vegetable so hopefully we'll leave it out.


L said...

Magnolias and homemade ravioli - what a great combination! I vote salad and, of course, crusty bread for Mark & Dina dinner.

Erin S said...

Beautiful pictures of the magnolia trees! You really captured the feeling of spring with them. (Now if only this rain would end and bring in some spring weather instead.)

Ron's ravioli's look amazing too. I'm hungry just looking at them :)