Monday, April 18, 2011

Cake and Pizza

So my dad's bday was last week and I was in charge of baking the cake (standard operating procedure around here).  It's a long story, but I baked the cake on Monday (or Tuesday?), froze it, and defrosted it (and then frosted it! hahahaha!) on Saturday when it was needed.  I learned an important lesson when baking this cake:

Well, before I explain I should note that I'm a pretty good rule-follower when it comes to baking. Martha, Ina, and my mom have me so paranoid about the consequences of ignoring the directions in a baking recipe.

"Measure everything precisely"; "dip the measuring cup in, and then sweep off the top"; "do NOT measure out the vanilla over the mixing bowl--you don't want to spill in any extra"; "do NOT open the oven while the item is baking," etc.  You know how your supposed to grease the pan, flour it, put in the parchment paper circle in the bottom, and then grease and flour that? I was too lazy to bother with the parchment.  I just didn't care. I greased the pan. I floured it.  Whatevs. These suckers HAVE to pop right out.

Wrong.  Slightly largish chunks got left behind when I inverted the pans, and after the things cooled I nearly broke them in half trying to wrap them up for the freezer.
BUT, the good thing is ...

You're not seeing things--it's definitely lopsided.

I don't think anyone noticed.  I also don't think that anyone noticed that I completely overlooked my own handwritten and HIGHLIGHTED notes that I wrote on my icing recipe: "DOUBLE THIS RECIPE TO ICE AN ENTIRE CAKE." Yeah.  I made two different batches of icing over the course of Saturday because of OF COURSE I didn't have enough with the initial batch that I made.  And the cakes were too damn ugly to bother just plopping icing in between the layers and on top, neglecting the sides.  The sides had to get covered up.

But like I said, I don't think anyone really noticed.  My dad and sister liked it, and they're the real critics.

Washing dishes after baking stinks, but I like how all my stuff matches.

We went out to dinner on Saturday for dad, but then Ron made pizza Sunday night:

Nothing beats Ron's pizza (not even the ravioli).  It's NEVER disappointing, EVER.  He complains sometimes: "The crust isn't right"; "The crust isn't crispy enough"; "The crust is too crispy" (ie, burnt); "There's too much cheese/sauce/pesto, etc."  I never understand WHY he complains because it's always PERFECT.  ALWAYS.  It's my favorite meal in his repertoire. Hands down.

So that's that. I have no plans to cook anything tonight. We have eggs, potatoes, and spinach, so I'm thinking omelets and potatoes (even though we're gonna be totally egged out this weekend with Easter and all).

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