Thursday, August 31, 2017


Leslie threw me a birthday party over the weekend.

Maybe it's because I don't eat anything interesting anymore (peanut butter on a spoon, anyone? can of soup? 600 consecutive days of Frosted Mini Wheats? No? No takers?), but everything Leslie bought was amazing.

omgggg the hummus was from that guy behind Rooster Soup Company and Zahav.  I couldn't pick a favorite.  And the pita! Insane.

A blue tooth speaker, rose earrings and a "Rose' the day away" t-shirt, and Cat Bingo (you would love this, Tiff).

Coconut lemonade cocktails.

I tried to go back through the archives and find pictures of when I first made this bunting ... I can't find them.  But no, I did NOT mess with the saturation in this photo.  This is how it looks now.

It's a mystery how so many people can live in one spot.

This is all we do now.

We stood on the deck and watched them take pictures for a while.

The best pizza I've had in ages--Santucci's, I think?  The cheese is so good.

Mom, Leslie, and I walked to Bud & Marilyn's to pick up dessert: Snickers cake, funfetti cake, and coconut cream pie.

Sam refuses to hold the baby, but he does a good job sitting next to her.

On my actual birthday, Ron took off and we went to the Brandywine River Museum for the Wyeth Retrospective. It was really good.  Not the first Wyeth exhibit I've been to, but the first one (since it was entirely chronological) that helped me understand his early/middle/late styles.  Your tickets are good for two days, and I would've loved to have gone back the next day just to walk through and look at all of them again, even just quickly, without reading anything or listening to the audio tour.  Alas: not possible.

Solidly in my mid-30s ... no clue how that happened.  Not complaining.

Monday, August 28, 2017

All Rose, all the time

Preemie on the left, 6-9 months on the right.  Her preemie clothes were too big when she was born.  I sent this to my friend Raleigh Katherine and she freaked out because she thought I was trying to tell her I was pregnant again. I was like, "Noooo nononono All I'm saying is, 'Look how big she is!'"

Rose sleeps beautifully at home ... not so beautifully anywhere else.  This is my mother's attempt at making this child fall asleep in the middle of the day at her house.  Covering the top of her head always put her right out when she was an infant ... sometimes it still works ... usually only when walked in endless circles around the house in a stroller.

Ron went away for a week in July ... to California ... without me.  At the beginning of the year, I had planned to go with him.  Didn't happen.  He went through serious baby withdrawal. It was sorta sad.  I was aware of Rose looking around for him during the week.  Both of us would be kinda of be sick of each other from 5-7pm everyday which is when Ron would typically rescue us from each other.

Sarah came for a visit.

Dear Jesus, Please let her always be this happy. Amen.

I printed this out and put it inside thank you notes for her physical therapists at Theraplay when she was discharged last month.  I took that 2 month photo the week she started and they discharged her exactly six months later.  Could she look more different?  I realized later that you can see her torticollis in the left photo and it's clearly gone in the second one.  Accidentally perfect.

God, my melasma is bad.  I've been using products on it, but I think it's pretty hopeless.  Hopefully I'll have money to get my face lasered into oblivion a few years from now.  It's annoying to me.

Every night at 7:30pm.

Whaddya doing, Pearl?

Not sure what I'm going to do when the days of WubbaNubs and kitty butts are done.