Thursday, October 19, 2017

End of summer round up

Because I'm approx. 8-12 weeks behind on my life.  Like ... all of it.

But I graded all of my midterms on time.  So that's good.

That lumpadump in the middle of the bed is Pearl.  She can sleep like that for hours without suffocating ... unless of course I force her off the bed and make it.

When Lindsey sent her this last November, I thought (like everything else), "She will NEVER fit into this. EVER."

Someone's backyard in West Chester. We walk the alleys because there's no traffic.  Easier to spy on people's backyards that way too.

Linda would NOT have tolerated feet on the glass 30 years ago ...

My mom makes that EXACT face.

Can you tell we don't know how to take selfies? "Where do I look? Where do I look? Where are you looking? Wait, that's not where I'm looking."

I hated this big, blank wall. I didn't want to cover it in stuff.

So I wallpapered it.  Or, Ron wallpapered it.  Same thing.  (Not really.)  Find it here.

When the baby's away, the cats will play ...

My favorite outdoor spot at school, although my classrooms are so far away from the center of campus that I haven't seen this since August.  I think I took this the day of the solar eclipse.

I've been taking piano lessons since March.  Jesse's been playing since childhood. She can play the beginner's stuff AND the separate teacher's duet at the bottom of the page at the same time (which requires reading four lines of music--not two).

August was really chilly. October was hot.  Global warming is real.

Not happy unless she's on top of me.

Aria, Rose, Nolan, and Jack who just turned one and is easily twice the size of Rose ... but both of his parents are like 7 ft tall, so it's ok.

I almost fell off my chair the first time I glanced over and saw her standing in her crib.  You wouldn't think stuff like that would matter--it seems so trivial--but it does.

Not havin it.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Leslie threw me a birthday party over the weekend.

Maybe it's because I don't eat anything interesting anymore (peanut butter on a spoon, anyone? can of soup? 600 consecutive days of Frosted Mini Wheats? No? No takers?), but everything Leslie bought was amazing.

omgggg the hummus was from that guy behind Rooster Soup Company and Zahav.  I couldn't pick a favorite.  And the pita! Insane.

A blue tooth speaker, rose earrings and a "Rose' the day away" t-shirt, and Cat Bingo (you would love this, Tiff).

Coconut lemonade cocktails.

I tried to go back through the archives and find pictures of when I first made this bunting ... I can't find them.  But no, I did NOT mess with the saturation in this photo.  This is how it looks now.

It's a mystery how so many people can live in one spot.

This is all we do now.

We stood on the deck and watched them take pictures for a while.

The best pizza I've had in ages--Santucci's, I think?  The cheese is so good.

Mom, Leslie, and I walked to Bud & Marilyn's to pick up dessert: Snickers cake, funfetti cake, and coconut cream pie.

Sam refuses to hold the baby, but he does a good job sitting next to her.

On my actual birthday, Ron took off and we went to the Brandywine River Museum for the Wyeth Retrospective. It was really good.  Not the first Wyeth exhibit I've been to, but the first one (since it was entirely chronological) that helped me understand his early/middle/late styles.  Your tickets are good for two days, and I would've loved to have gone back the next day just to walk through and look at all of them again, even just quickly, without reading anything or listening to the audio tour.  Alas: not possible.

Solidly in my mid-30s ... no clue how that happened.  Not complaining.