Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I found two teeny tiny praying mantises on them.  And some spiders.  These never came inside ...

I bought her a wading pool for the first really hot day we had.  She wasn't as thrilled with it as I hoped she would be.  The water was ice cold, so I don't blame her.

I finished an awesome year at school. I had the same group of freshmen for one class beginning to end--really lovely people who go from babies to grown ups between August and May.  And my other class was mostly seniors, all of them lovely too.  Two of them are off to law school, a bunch of them are prepping for med school, a bunch will be officers in the military, one wants to do a JD/PhD with philosophy, and all the rest have jobs.  Everyone is so upset over the state of the world right now. (I get it--that's why I don't watch or read the news anymore.  I have enough crap to deal with, so I'm not going to overwhelm myself with all the crap I don't control.)  The only reason I don't totally despair is because I encounter entire ROOMS of students who are clearly going to make the world a better place.  I know this because they declare it to be their mission.  It matters to them that the world does not suck; that people suffer needlessly as little as possible; and that stupid and/or corrupt people should be removed from positions of power.  I'm not a religious person, but I am familiar with faith because I believe in the power of these students and their ability to use it correctly.  I guess I'll finally be an atheist when I don't believe in them anymore.

Oh nothing, just one of Nana's doorknobs.

Mother's Day

18 months

The morning of the royal wedding.  The Fluffs had no clue what was going on, but they were basically like, "OMG it's 5:30am and you're awake and available to be sat on????? OMGGGGG!!!!!"  For the record, I was firmly in the "Meghan Markle looked PERFECT" camp.

Not awkward at all.

I think we look the same. Even if our hair parts on different sides.

Pearl's favorite new spot to nap in the mornings.  The other day I put Rose down for her nap, and 10 minutes later I heard her door creak open and Rose was wailing. Turns out Pearl was finished napping and totally freaked out the baby by emerging from underneath her bed and sneaking out the door.  No monsters in this house ... unless there's a Fluff under your bed.

She was a baby once ...??


A robin built a nest under the deck and it's so easy to see from the basement window.  The guy on the left is large and in charge.

This photo ...

... and this one were only taken a few days apart.  How do they all fit in there??  A few days later, they had all left.  Empty nest.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Not snow ... magnolia blossoms for a change.

She finally mastered getting on and off by herself.

Accessorizing is never a bad thing.

Dinner out for my dad's birthday

Ina's coconut cake at my house after.  We watch so much Barefoot Contessa (from a stockpile of DVR-ed episodes) that Rose knows her by name ("EYE-nah!").

17 months--people rarely want to be photographed with a food baby, but Rose doesn't care.  She'll probably care in about 13 years.

Found out the hard way (along with a million other moms on the Internet) that dandelions destroy clothes with their stains.  When you pull them from the ground, the ends drip, and those little dots are basically permanent.  Just another reason to hate those damn things, I guess.