Thursday, April 5, 2018

Silver white winters that REFUSE to melt into spring

Officially a walker--I love this weird dancer pose, but the better she gets at walking, the less I see it.

16 months

March 21--February was such an easy month, but March was a beast.  If March 2018 was a person, it would be that relative who you passive-aggressively never invite to family holidays anymore.  "Oh, I'm sorry: Maybe we would want you there IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH A GODDAMN JERK ALL THE FREAKIN TIME."

For the first time ever, Longwood did a completely blue display for the month of March--I made it on the very last day.  Rose and I had horrific cabin fever and I literally just plunked her in the stroller and walked a loop around the entire conservatory twice before taking her home for dinner.  I hope they do this again next year.

Morning naps are totally out of the question M-F: I need that 120 minutes to myself in the afternoon.  When Ron's on duty I literally don't care WHAT is happening on baby watch.

For the record ...

... she did not nap that afternoon and it was NOT my problem : D

With her Chloe dog from Eileen

Jesse gave her this little faux leather dress and the backpack.

Easter Sunday

Joanne made an amazing frittata and one of Ina's fancy baked french toast casseroles.

My mom taught her how to egg hunt a few days before Easter which came in handy for the holiday.

She's an excellent walker, but not in these shoes.  She tripped and fell like 6 times on the brick before I said, "Ron, get those off her feet." It was pathetic. I hate wearing shoes, so I totally get it.  She and I are like Agador from The Birdcage--it's terrible.

I swear she was having fun--really.

Facetime with Aunt Laura

We were at Ron's parents' from 1230-330, then we drove around in the car for an hour but she didn't sleep at all.  We showed up at my mom's shortly before 5 expecting Rose to immediately meltdown and home we would go ... but she was great.  Like, miraculously great.  Like, I'm waiting for God to smite me, it was so great.

My entire family was there ... and no one took any pictures.

If you say "Cutie Pie!" she puts her hands on her cheeks and smiles so big.

April is here and Easter is over, but it still feels like winter.  MORE snow is falling this weekend (HOW??!!) and I am just done.  Granted, this has NOT been as bad as "2014: The Official Winter from Hell," which included several rounds of the Polar Vortex, plus an ice storm that knocked out power for DAAAAAAYYYYSSS (although many people here DID lose power for A WEEK this year--sometimes twice in one month--just not us ... this time). I'm OVER it. We're all over it.

I'm sad the semester is winding down--my students are great, and half of them have been with me since August.  Lately, I've been wondering if I love my job so much because my mom had me watch Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music 500,000 times between 1985-1988 and I simply have no choice but to march all these kids in and out of chalk drawings around London and Salzberg in their play clothes before I let them all go and they run off to fly kites and forget about me.  If my umbrella starts talking to me on the last day of class, I'll let you know.

That being said, the past two weeks have been particularly eye-rolly in a dying-laughing-on-the-ceiling kind of way because a particular sports team won a particular national championship causing everyone to be, like, literally off the walls for seven consecutive days.  My students asked me last night, "What did you do after the game?"  I said, "I flipped to local news to see what YOU were doing after the game, that's what."  "DID YOU SEE US LIGHT STUFF ON FIRE??"

Yes. Yes, I did.

Maybe things will start to calm down now that that's out of their system ...?  Who knows.

I'm looking forward to summer, but damn, I love my job.

Also why am I talking about summer when there is snow in the forecast?  Somebody save us, please.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Winter wrap up

She doesn't belong up there. Whatever.

You can't hear the raspberries, but I bet you can imagine them ...

My orchids came back, much to my surprise.

Yes ...

... that IS the second most dangerous thing in my house. Thanks for asking.

14 months

I'm certain she looks like someone here, but I don't know who.

big girl, big girl

Can you find Willow?

17 years ago on our first Valentine's Day, I told Ron not to ever buy me flowers because I worked at a florist.  So A) the magic was gone in the Valentine rose department and B) I had a good discount on my own and it wasn't worth it for him to buy them.  He actually was given these for free and I was slightly mortified by how happy they made me.

Free Valentine printable from Emily Winfield Martin's blog

Strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting for my aunt's birthday

15 months [cry face emoji]

The teepee we gave Rose for Christmas was temporarily taken over by a squatter.  I haven't seen her in there lately ...

... but Ron says he still does sometimes.

Sometimes people use it.

So I put the baby--who is literally attached to me all day--to bed, and then Penny attaches to me like some kind of fluff barnacle that won't be scraped away.  I can't catch a break.

I'm sure I can't feel my legs in this photo.

"Hey, Cow Girl!"

Listen: it's this or the brick fireplace.  Pick one and stop judging me.

I made her wear mittens on my run and she literally wouldn't look at me, she was so annoyed.  But then I saw her staring at her hands in fascination the whole first mile and she actually kept them on.  Will she admit they were a great idea? Of course not: I'm her mother.

I turned 30 five years ago and I didn't really think about it.  LESLIE turns thirty this year (today, actually) and I keep feeling light-headed because I literally LITERALLY cannot understand how this is possible.  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW LESLIE IS THIRTY BECAUSE IF THAT'S TRUE THAT MEANS MY THIRTIES ARE HALF OVER.  Clearly, I have issues over turning 40 that are taking me by surprise, which is totally stupid.

Leslie asked for a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, but not the frosting I typically make (which has coffee in it)--something more traditional.  Ok, fine--easy enough. I've made yellow cakes maybe twice before, and they always turn out really dry and disappointing.  Box yellow cake is always better.  So I thought, "Ok, I'll do box cake with homemade frosting and we'll see if anyone notices."  A few days later, I found a yellow cake recipe with milk chocolate frosting that I hadn't tried and I thought, "Well, this looks easy enough--I'll skip the box cake." So I made the cake, but I KNEW as I was putting it into the cake pans that (surprise) it was going to be as bad as the past ones.  The batter was like half dried cement. The next morning, I go to make the frosting.  I followed the recipe TO THE LETTER and ended up throwing away $10 worth of ingredients because it was a MESS.  I won't go into it, but it all got thrown in the trash and I was ENRAGED.  So I sent Ron out to buy canned chocolate frosting and I didn't tell anybody.  Sure enough, everyone loved the frosting and (IMO) the cake was crazy, super dry.  So the next time anybody asks me for a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, all of it will be from a box.  The End.


Don't they have silly cake pictures every year?

I decorated for Easter because it's MARCH.

But winter's not over.

Leslie would've had a snow day for her birthday.

Maybe I'll post again before Memorial Day ...